Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Eco-friendly fashion from People Tree

I love what the people at People Tree try to do. They are worth a look as they have some perfect styles for the weird 'mid-seasonal' period that will take you through to Easter and beyond. What's so special about People Tree?
Their products are eco compatible with the planet and they work hard to create livelihoods and sustain incomes for an impressive 4000 artisans and farmers from around the world. They work to minimize environmental impact and use organic and Fair Trade cotton. Dyes are safe and they steer clear of synthetics. If this is all sounding a bit dippy, hippy it's not - it makes great sense and the products are both relevant and stylish. Jewellery is produced in India and Kenya and is handmade by Fair Trade groups, often supporting disabled artisans.

Here's my pick for the season.

People Tree twisted copper bangle with bone bead charms, £25
People Tree Sausagedog jumper, £57
People Tree Eloise 100% cotton fleece dress, £65

I can see myself in all of these and I'll feel good wearing them for more than just the looking good!

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