Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Aethic Sovee sunscreen - helping to save coral reefs

Barbados beaches - clean and beautiful

Unless you can afford the Caribbean in January (and few of us can) then it'll be a while before you will even come close to thinking about sunscreen. But when you do and especially if you are going somewhere with a coral reef, it is worth checking our Sovee the world's first certified Marine Positive sunscreen from Aethic. This sunscreen is founded on the principle that skin and the natural environment are each incredibly valuable and deserve the best care. But what does this actually mean?

Aethic Sovee sunscreen

Most sunscreens, according to Professor Roberto Danovaro who published a scientific study in The National Geographic and The Times in 2008 on subject, kill coral. The ingredients in sunscreens can trigger dormant and deadly viruses in coral so you may be unwittingly contributing to the 40-50% of our coral reefs that have already been lost.

Aethic Sovee is formulated to include the best, most photostable sun-filters available alongside three organic moisturizers with Vitamin E as a skin anti-oxidant. It only uses food-grade perservatives and even the bottle is biodegradable. there is no nano particles, no alcohol, no titanium dioxide, no zinc oxide and no pertroleum emollients. So it's good for you and the environment too.

I have a tube and although the snow is still on the ground so I can't put it through it's paces, I can tell you it's quickly absorbed and smells gorgeous.

Part of the profits go to the coral nursery programme The Going Blue Foundation. Visit them and also check out Marine Positive for more information.

Aethic Sovee is available in spf 15, 25, 40 and is £40 for 150ml.

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