Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Shaggy coat story - Mongolian Coat

Ecote Mongolian Coat from Urban Outfitters, £145
I want to tell you a shaggy coat story... I have, since I was a young girl, always wanted a Mongolian Coat. It's my inner hippy coming out I know but they are soft, and warm and I think pretty darn stylish. And you can wear them if you are 15 or 50 and they will still look good. I never have had one but this Spring maybe, just maybe, I will treat myself, or put it on my birthday present list.

This one (featured above) from Urban Outfitters is just the right length and a very reasonable price. Okay it's faux Mongolian Sheepskin but that makes it much easier to maintain and will never smell of wet dog - oh and of course it means I can afford it.

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