Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Molton Brown Frequent Traveller Gift Set Review

Molton Brown Frequent Traveller Collection 
Here is another fine product from Molton Brown which I found in the recent goody bag I picked up at their event recently. I (along with millions of others) do think that men in particular are difficult to buy for - this doesn't improve the older they get believe me! So a man (or woman) who travels a lot will find this Frequent Traveller collection a real treat I'm sure. I also think it's brilliant value for money.

It has all be carefully thought out for those who travel. The six piece collection is for body, skin and senses - so perfect for reviving you when tired. Concentrated plant and mineral actives and high-impact aroma oils including cempaka leaf oil, ardeche ambrusca grapeleaf, chinese yean shi extract and malachite all helps to refresh, hydrate and sooth at every stage of a trip. Every single product smelt delicious and was easily absorbed into the skin. I love these products because of the high quality of the essential oils at a great price - so the scents linger and your skin feels amazingly soft after using them.

These sets come in a variety of contents and this one contains the following

1 clear travel bag
1 Warming Eucalyptus bath and Shower 100ml
1 Ultrasmooth Coco de Mer Body Lotion 100ml (this smells gorgeous)
1 Relaxing Yyan Zhi Mist 30ml (another lovely scent here)
1 Skinboost 24hr Moisture Mist 10ml (particularly good after long-haul)

And all for £40 which I think is a pretty good price as Molton Brown products go a long way. Here is another Molton Brown review of the Mahina fragrance due out in January and which I am addicted to!

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