Monday, 3 December 2012

Luscombe of Devon - fruit juices for Christmas and beyond

I have just discovered a drink I would happily swap for a glass of wine - and that is saying something! This Luscombe sparkling Elderflower is simply delicious and I ordered it in a restaurant in Sheffield at the weekend and must say I am now going to order a lot more online for Christmas.

The company are based in Devon by a family owned business headed up by Gabriel David and the ingredients come direct from growers he trusts. They have been making juices since 1975 so I am amazed I haven't tried them before - have obviously not been looking in the right place.

I am really tempted by their apples blends and their Raspberry Lemonade which sounds delicious!

They have a Soil Association Organic certificate and you won't find any of their drinks being ruined by processing. Additives are never used as they don't use concentrates, artificial flavourings or colours - just natural flavours. Hand-make in small batches each batch has subtle variations - just like wine really, due to seasons and weather conditions. So there are no acidity regulators, artificial sweetners, animal by-products, pesticide residues or anything else you wouldn't want to be drinking.

This is going to make a booze-free January so much easier!

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