Friday, 2 November 2012

GLAMGLOW, it has LA all a tingle!

GLAMGLOW - tingling exfoliating mud mask

One of the most grabbed products that we had at our London Fashion Week blogger suite at One Aldwych were pots of GLAMGLOW - the Hollywood mud mask for 'super sexy super radiant skin'.

Dredged off the coast of Southern France (Cannes to be exact) this mud is special, very special. It's high in volcanic rock and anti-oxidants and has a gentle exfoliating effect - it also leaves skin tingling and is often used for a quick pick-me-up before the stars go in front of the camera.

I grabbed a pot and I must admit my skin almost felt 'lifted' - certainly smoother and glowing. The effects also lasted several days which is unusual - especially when put through the rigours of the Tube.

It contains French sea clay, purified clay, Green tea leaf, Green Tea seed oil, Grape seed, Chamomile flower, Marigold flower, cucumber, ivy, herb leaf and lavender oil and has artificial colours or fragrance either. It's also paraben and cruelty-free.

You simply spread on a thin layer, leave for around 15 minutes then wash off - simple!

All the celebs in Hollywood use it and now you can too! GLAMGLOW is RRP £22.50 for 15m. but it does go a long way!

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