Saturday, 24 November 2012

Christmas at the Sunshine Garden Centre

Okay I know this is going to make me sound WAY too middle-aged but part of the prep for Christmas (which seems to have started even earlier this year) is a visit to the Sunshine Garden Centre in North London. As the girls are both away and were both back last weekend we popped along to get into the Christmassy spirit - and I went back today to pick up a few things as a surprise.

This garden centre in Bounds Green/Muswell Hill North London, wins awards for their Christmas displays - so we're not that sad really. I have expounded about why I don't like themed Christmases before, but when it comes to in-store displays I am more than happy to make allowances.

So here you go - a chance to share some of the Christmas love at the Sunshine Garden Centre that has already arrived here in North London.

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