Friday, 19 October 2012

Win an iphone 5 with Salty Dog Nuts...

Salty Dog Nuts with the original Salty Dog, Ruby

Salty Dog nuts and crisps. Being a savoury snack fan I’m happy and willing to try any new nut or crisp that hits the shelves and can quite seriously put myself forward as a professional snack taster should the job ever arise. A friend of mine delivered a whole box of crisps as a gift when my eldest went off to uni and I must admit I was more than a little envious. I have devoted too much of my life (and too many hip inches) to  tasty savoury snacks. A lot of potatoes have been sliced since I was given my first bag which came completely plain and had a little blue twist of paper containing salt. And peanuts I can consume in vast quantities - which is why these small, portion-sized bags are such a great idea.

Photo: Reluctant Housedad

So what makes a Salty Dog  nut stand out from the crowd (apart from the name of course)?Well they're tasty and not too greasy but they also have a nice story. Delivery driver Dave Wills felt he could make better crisps than those he was delivering and in 2002 set up the Salty Dog crisp company named as a tribute to his terrier pup, Ruby,who always kept him company on his travels in the cab. 
Salty Dog Ruby...

Partner Judy was determined to create a more wholesome and natural snack that still had the appeal of what was already out there without the bad stuff like too much fat .

 The crisps  also have 20% less in fat than standard crisps. Salty Dog nuts - don't we all just love that name - are the new addition to the range and so to celebrate the Salty Dog brand have launched a competition.

Today sees the launch of a fantastic new competition via their Facebook page where you can win an iphone 5 so enter and you could be the lucky one! All you have to do is 'like' their Facebook page and tell them the gift you would go 'nuts' for this Christmas and you will be entered into the competition. 

Follow them on Twitter @saltydogrrr

The Salty Dog brand is now new to Tesco so order them now online.

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