Thursday, 18 October 2012

T-bar shoes are back for Autumn/Winter

T-bar's and Mary-Jane's are back, whatever your preference,  and it's a relief for those of us who cannot or simply will not squeeze ourselves into towering ankle breakers. They are neat, look great with trousers and skirts of all lengths and will allow you to keep on your feet for hours. I particularly like patents and have my eye on a cheeky little pair from (believe it or not) Clarks. Here's a selection of my favourites...

Now of course having said I wouldn't be wearing towering heels I really couldn't resist showing you this pair as they are great value and there is, at least, a platform which should help a bit!

Faith Claudia T Bar Heeled Shoes
Faith Claudia t bar heeled shoe, from ASOS £50

Galery T Bar Shoe
Galery t bar shoes from, £220

Bertie Modesty leather t bar Mary Jane from John Lewis, £40

CHIE MIHARA T-bar shoe
Leather and suede shoe from Chie Mihara at, £211.57

Bronze metallic shoes from Clarks, £54.99

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