Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Steak and oyster sauce stir fry

This recipe is good for those wanting to avoid too much fat. You can serve it with a serving of Thai Rice but that does just add to the carbs and this is good without really. The secret is to use really good steak which may seem like a waste of really good steak but is worth it honestly.

Good steak - enough for two people
Tenderstem broccoli
soy sauce
one onion
jar of oyster sauce
Sesame oil

Simply fry the onion in the sesame. Thinly slice the steak and add to the pan then fry until brown on the outside. Cut the broccoli into chunks and the carrots and mushrooms into slices. Add to the pan and again stir fry in the oil. Add the oyster sauce with a little water and allow to cook for around 15 mins to ensure the vegetables are tender (they still need to be crunchy though). Serve with soy sauce to taste.

This really is quite healthy due to the oils use, the lack of fat on the steak and the vegetables - and it is done in a flash!

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