Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Oddities - odd shapes, great snacks!


I am a savoury snacker and will opt for a packet of crisps over a cake or biscuit any day. So I was really interested to try out new Oddities from Jacob's which are light, crunchy and frankly, delicious!
They are also not too bad in terms of a snack having neither artificial flavours or colouring. They come in small snack bags and bags for sharing so I will be shoving these into the next delivery I make to both my girls at uni to share with their house-mates.


You can choose from Smoky Bacon or Cheese which are top flavours in any crisp and I really like the shapes - they have gone to town. Add them to your shopping bag now!

So where can you enjoy your Oddities? Here is me over-excited having just seen Gary Barlow outside of Radio One - the bag I'd bought for the office just had to be dipped into!

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