Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Claire English, nostalgic jewellery with a modern twist

Inspired by a by-gone age but not vintage, Claire English is a modern jewellery designer based in London. The Special Jewellery Company, which realises her vision for combining a love of old curios with fine craftsmanship, has a collection of fantastically witty pieces that are really not badly priced.

Well-made, each piece will last an age as they don't follow the trend but if anything buck it! She says she 'has a magpies propensity for gathering themes' all of which she has incorporated into her designs. To me they feel like you have wandered into Dickensian London and The Old Curiosity Shop, complete with matchsticks and scurrying mice...

Burnt matchstick earrings, Claire English, £250

Mouse skull earrings, Claire English, £150

The Partridge wishbone necklace in Sterling Silver, Claire English, £145

Smouldering spent match ring, Claire English, £225

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