Monday, 15 October 2012

Cancer help is at hand with little big things!

Sadly many of us will know or have known about someone with cancer. It used to be rare or something that you got when you were too old to care, but now it affects so many of us it has almost become 'normal'. I have had three girlfriends with cancer and my mum had it too - and that's just without thinking really...

The wonderful news is that the survival rates are so much better now although the treatments are still tough-going, both physically and mentally. It affects the sufferer and those around them so it's always good to know that there is lots of help, support and information out there to allow everyone to take back some control.

AXA PPP healthcare have lots of cancer advise on their website through their dedicated Cancer Centre and today they have also launched a new Facebook Application which takes the form of a pin board where everyone can leave tips, inspirational stories and comments. It's designed to highlight coping techniques which can really have a huge impact and that is why the name of their campaign is 'little big things'. The application is all part of a six week long focus on cancer support across the AXA PPP healthcare social media channels. There is also a TV campaign to make everyone aware of where to go to get information and support - so keep an eye out for it!

AXA PPP healthcare pride themselves in working with the best experts around, and within that we mustn't forget their amazing team of nurses. This dedicated nurse service provides extra support and also gives great advice from those who have seen it all!

The AXA PPP healthcare YouTube channel discusses lots of extra tips and gives some great advice! Here is how ice cream really does do the trick!

How you can get help or become involved with the campaign.

Contribute to the pin board - share your comments or tips that you find the most inspiring or helpful which live on Facebook! Talk to and join in through Twitter #littlebig things and read the blog - all great places to find out more.

Join a live chat - all this week from 15-19 October live chats will be taking place with AXA PPP healthcare experts on a wide range of topics to do with cancer, from coping yourself and with relatives and friends, to specific forms of cancer and  nutrition and wellness.

AXA PPP healthcare member, Keith Hern will be holding a live chat to discuss his experiences and give advice. He was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2004 and chest cancer in 2009. He's written a book 'Bangers and Mash' and is the perfect person to give advice from a patients point-of-view. You can register for this and other chats on AXA PPP healthcare.

AXA PPP healthcare offers exceptional cancer support for its members and includes treatment of the condition at every stage, even if it recurs or spreads, no time limits or session limits are set on out-patient consultations, new cancer drugs as soon as they are licensed and a one-to-one dedicated cancer nurse service.

Get involved, sign-up to a chat for some great advice and support, or pass on the information to those who need it - you may well make a very big difference!

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