Wednesday, 24 October 2012

All I want... A Rangemaster Cooker

Pro + 90 SS
Rangemaster contemporary cooker

I am thinking, very much in the early stages mind, of redoing my kitchen. It is around 15 years old and cost a small fortune when we did it but it is now too small and cramped and although I know this is the price you pay for living in an Edwardian terraced house, there is never enough space.

So we are looking at extending out into the back sitting room and opening out the whole thing and along with longed-for work surfaces I am going to get myself a range cooker. While browsing I came across Rangemaster who I always thought just did very traditional looking ranges but was surprised by the breadth of designs and specs on offer. 

They are number one in the UK and all cookers are made in the UK too - since 1830 in fact.  They come out top in the Which? report on ranges - so you can't go far wrong. I love the simplicity and it will give me extra oven space and hob space too. The Rangemaster ranges are also approved by the Energy Saving Trust which is a big plus for me - what has put me off in the past has been the idea of using too much energy with my cooker.

I wish I could have this in time for Christmas, but I would love to have it all in place for the following one if I'm being realistic. Just imagine turkey cooked to perfection at the same time as crisping up canapes - that'll be a first!

Definitely going on my wish-list for my new kitchen. Check out the wide range of designs at Rangemaster.

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