Thursday, 20 September 2012

It's Nail Art Nail Tattoo love!

How cute is this little heart? Believe it or not the whole manicure was done last Saturday and is still absolutely perfect, which for me if some sort of record! I have a tiny heart on each little finger and each thumb because I am too long in the tooth for a full set. But I can get away with a little detail and you all can too because these tiny stick on tattoo's make nail art easy even for the extremely cack-handed like me!

All you need to do is paint your nail with a neutral colour that's not too dark otherwise it won't show up. Allow the coat (or two coats if you'd prefer) to completely dry, then carefully position the tattoo. Finish with a coat of top-coat.

Check out Nail Art Nail Tattoo's for a full range of gorgeous little designs from birds and hearts to crosses and stars they cost a mere £5.99 for 60 tattoo's available at

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