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Haworth Old Hall, Yorkshire

Any visit to West Yorkshire must include a day trip to Haworth which perches up high on a ridge overlooking a valley. The famous parsonage at Haworth was home to the Bronte sisters who were born in Thornton near Bradford but wrote most of their novels while living here, isolated on the top of the moors. Atmosphere seeps out of every cobble stone and lurks around every grave stone in the churchyard. The main street then falls away to the valley below and today is worth a wander, stopping off in the many tiny shops and tea-houses down the slope. Don't forget to visit the apothecary which still has all the original wooden counters and cupboards - perfect for picking up a souvenir or two.

The Bronte Parsonage

The Parsonage is now a Bronte museum so if you are mad about Wuthering Heights or any of the other Bronte books then you really mustn't miss out.
Haworth Old Hall

We have been here several times over the years having family in the area but I wanted really to tell you about Haworth Old Hall, originally a manor house dating back some 400 years, which is located in Sun Street at the bottom of the hill. this lovely old pub does a really good Sunday lunch but also has an extensive menu from traditional Yorkshire fare such as Old Hall Pie with slow cooked steak and Jennings Cumberland Ale to the more European tortellini, Warm french brie. They even serve a delicious sounding vegetarian curry. A pretty perfect day would include a visit to the Parsonage, a wander down the high-street then lunch at Haworth Old Hall. 
Haworth Old Hall

Those that remember the film, The Railway Children (or in fact the TV programme too) can then visit Haworth station which starred as the station in the film. The Parsonage also played a part being the home of  the local Doctor, and Three Chimneys where the children lived is just along the ridge from The Parsonage - again a splendid walk... You can even see the railway tunnel where the children rescued the boy whose leg was trapped in the rails and in the path of an approaching steam-train! Here are the details of The Railway Children Walk part one and here is The Railway Children Walk part two

Bent's House used for Three Chimneys

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