Thursday, 30 August 2012

Philips ReAura - the treatment time is over...

My wrinkles are definitely less obvious than before.

This was before, and okay it is smiling, but you can see the skin texture has greatly improved.

Well it's been a while and I have been pretty good at sticking to the Philips ReAura laser skin rejuvenating regime over the last few months and I can honestly say it has had an effect. Strangely I found my skin changed in terms of it's sensitivity during the trial, sometimes I could get the dial up to 3 with very little difficulty, sometimes it was just too uncomfortable above 2. Maybe it's my hormones? Or maybe my pain threshold just fluctuates. Anyway never was it too uncomfortable and I can honestly say it has made a real difference.

I have started going without foundation or BB cream on more days than not - and have had many complements on how fresh faced I'm looking, which is a first since I hit 40.

I have noticed that deep lines around my eyes and on my forehead are definitely far less noticable, and that the fine lines across my cheeks have also reduced in number and appearance. I feel as if I have had a weekly facial, but one that doesn't bring out spots and reduces redness too. Strangely my skin feels smoother to the touch and I look far less tired. All in all this product needs sticking with quite religiously but does have a really positive effect.

Forehead before shot

This is closer up but again, skin texture is definitely brighter and younger looking

If you want to read more about my trial of the Philips ReAura then please read my opening post and this post which gives the low-down half way through the trial period. I am happy with the way it has all turned out and will be keeping the machine close at hand (no tucking it into the top of a cupboard and forgetting about it) to give myself  'top up' treatments.

The Philips ReAura is £799 and is available at space:nk


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