Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Naked Skin by Urban Decay review

I always thought that having the word 'decay' in the name of a beauty company was a little strange, but I do like some of their products and I suppose it does give them a different spin.

Anyways.... I was given a bottle of Naked Skin Weightless Ultra-definition Make-Up to try and I must say I do like it. I was wedded to my Stila All-Day Foundation but it is a bit on the heavy side (only a tiny bit mind) for hot weather. Naked Skin feels just that, naked, which is a bonus when you're travelling on the London Underground in sweltering heat.

I like the packaging too - sleek and minimalist and modern looking.

So what's in it? Naked Skin is oil and paraben-free and formulated to make your skin look just about perfect, which it really does. It contains nourishing ingredients too including a powerful anti-wrinkle peptide (Matrixyl 3000), brightening Litchiderm and Green Tea to antioxidise. Skin is hydrated with sodium hyaluronate which also helps absorption. You can use as little or as much as you like - I found one pump covered my whole face to perfection.

There is no spf but I use a moisturiser with that anyway so it doesn't bother me. It goes on really smoothly and gives a matte appearance - again great for shiny days. There is no fragrance so you just don't notice you are wearing it. My bottle seems to be going a long way too which makes it reasonably good value for money - can't think when it will run out at this rate! If I have one gripe (and it is a very small one) it's that it doesn't last all day and needs a bit of a touch up after around 6-8 hours. Of course it depends on what I've been doing - sitting in an air-conditioned office will probably help it last, rushing about like a loon won't. But this is a small gripe and goes with the fact that it's such a light product to wear I wouldn't expect it to last amazingly really.

Naked Skin Weightless Ultra-Definition Make-Up is £28 and comes in 18 different shades across the spectrum, available from Debenhams.

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