Friday, 17 August 2012

Must-have Age Of Reason scarves

Again, in Age of Reason,  I have come across a company making the most beautiful silk scarves with gorgeous designs that won't date and certainly make a statement.
Why do I love scarves so much? Over and above the practicalities of keeping you neck warm in winter, scarves are often an overlooked piece of beautiful textile design. I have scarves worn by my mother that are as beautiful today as they were 20 years ago. And they add a focus to a boring dress or sweater - so what's not to like?
Check out these beautiful designs...
Punky owl with spikes, £195
Mushroom Magic, £98

Victory Pirate Queen, £195

Get Your Skates On, £98
 All the scarves are 100% silk and made in England. The designer, Ali Mapletoft, brings her designs to life using coloured inks on watercolour paper. Every image is then printed onto fine silk and then a skilled seamstress finishes each scarf by hand - hemming them for the perfect mitred corner.

They even send your scarf in handmade Age of Reason wrapping paper and stamped with the gold galleon emblem.

Ali Mapletoft is an advocate of British design and manufacturing and we should salute her!

Ali Mapletoft
Check out their video below to find out more about Age of Reason and their work...

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