Saturday, 4 August 2012

Black Garlic - taste the difference

I've been doing lots of stir fries recently - well it's just too dodgy to plan a bbq - and I have recently discovered the joys of black garlic. No, it's not a different type of garlic, simply white garlic which has been aged (so is a bit like using a blue cheese really).

The garlic is gently heated then stored to ferment for 3 weeks resulting in a garlic which has a completely different texture and flavour to normal garlic. The process seems to bring out the sweetness and gives it a fudge-like feel and the taste is much, much less pungent (so the opposite to blue cheese then).
Because of this you can use it tossed in salads or in marianades for meat and fish so is proving very versatile.

Look out for it in your supermarket or order it online.

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