Sunday, 22 July 2012

Philips ReAura - the story so far

About a month ago I was asked to give the Philips ReAura home laser kit which is a truly ground-breaking development in home beauty treatments. It has big promises to dramatically improve the quality of my skin including high colour (which I do suffer from a bit) to age spots, wrinkles and lines. It promises to give you dramatically improved skin in 8 weeks so this was one that had to be put to the test!

It works on using light treatment and is endorsed by a leading Harley Street cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Sam Bunting - and is from Philips who are a well trusted brand, so I never felt like I was putting myself up for something that was harmful. But like all lasers you do have to follow the instructions to the letter so you don't do more harm than good.

My initial impression was that it was a bit uncomfortable and I was wary of increasing the power to the full three - however after a week or so I found that I could tolerate it and use the power at full without too much difficulty.

My laughter lines before treatment

My forehead before treatment
As you can see from these pictures my unmade-up skin has a few patches of uneven skin-tone, the expected wrinkles for someone of my age and I do have a few tiny broken capillaries which make my skin look a little red, especially on my cheeks. I therefore have been concentrating on my face for the duration of the trial as you are advised only to do one body area at a time (so either your face, or neck or chest area, not all together).

The Philips ReAura is £799 from space:nk. 

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