Wednesday, 25 July 2012

David Cerny's London Booster

Photo: Czech sculptor David Cerny's amazing transformer bus the 'London Booster' for London2012 Czech House.

This popped into my inbox yesterday and amazingly it's not a photo-shopped picture but an actual piece of sculpture featuring a real London bus manufactured in 1957. The sculpture of this incredible transformer bus, the 'London Booster' is by Czech artist David Cerny for London 2012 Czech House currently at the Business Design Centre, Islington who are hosting the Czech Olympic committee.

David Cerny is one of the Czech Republic's most controversial artists, and this is what he has to say about this particular piece which has had heads turning,
'The obsession with sport, the frenzy it generates, sometimes even ending in street war and regularly in a dependence on the activity, always amazed me. And the only sport which I'm able to watch passively is pole dancing. Although objectively speaking, I'm quite sporty: biking, swimming, flying, certainly I would not call myself an athlete. I'm probably obtaining dopamine from other physical sources. Press-ups are a particular physical exercise which every athlete does, but they also form part of a military drill and sometimes are forced on prisoners as punishment.'
Read more about David Cerny on Art Daily.

Will have to go down to the exhibition centre as there are daily exhibitions and things happening - all to do with the Czech Republic of course!

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