Sunday, 17 June 2012

A young blogger and a green teen cook book

As you know my day job involves finding brilliant new blogs to join Handpicked Media. This blog came to my attention as she is my friend's daughter (got to be transparent here) and although she is too young to join us at present, I can't wait to get her on-board. This is written by a 16 year old (who is currently taking her GCSE's) and yet her writing has maturity and she is developing a distinctive style nicely. I asked Not All About Boys writer Yolanda if I could use her post about The Green Teen Cook Book as a guest post because a) if you have teenage children with an interest in ethical food and who need to know how to cook then this is perfect and b) because you should all be aware of this blog because it's a breath of fresh air...


I’ve always been a tad sceptical of seasonal eating. I mean, isn’t it a bit “hippy”? Expensive? And why even bother scouring the shops for the seasonal foods when you can just as well buy produce from abroad?

Well, that was how I felt until a few days ago, when my Mother presented me with an early birthday present- The Green Teen Cookbook.

The Green Teen Cookbook is a basic guide to cooking in-season, environmentally-sound produce and seriously delicious food- all on a budget. Genuinely, I was quite taken aback by how good the book is.

Not being an experienced cook (like many teenagers, pot noodle is usually my greatest challenge in the kitchen) I chose to start with “Sushi for Dummies”- a simple summer recipe donated by Pauline Blistene.

I LOVED IT. Making the little sushi rolls was really easy- surprisingly so, actually- , and trying a new recipe was great fun, especially because I was with a friend, so we had a brilliant time slicing and choosing the fillings. And to top it all off, the sushi was delicious! 

Who knew slicing sushi fillings could be so fun?
But the best thing about the sushi rolls was that they were in-season. It’s somehow very exciting to eat seasonally. Call me sad, but I quite like the idea of looking forward to eating certain foods at certain times of the year. In a way, it’s very thrilling to know that the experience of say... eating seasonal British strawberries comes only once a year, and so we should cherish it!
So kudos to The Green Teen Cookbook- for converting me from a very reluctant cook (as my parents will tell you), to someone who actually quite liked the feeling of preparing a meal!

But it's not just the sushi I loved- I also made a chicken noodles dish, and some seriously tasty guacamole!

In short, The Green Teen Cookbook will definitely be a permanent addition to my kitchen- one that I’m certain will be well-used! There are so many recipes in the book that I really want to try- I’ve already got my eye on making a really yummy looking summer quiche...

Check out more of Yolanda's blog posts on Not All About Boys.

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