Monday, 18 June 2012

LoveLite Ice - Hollywood style lipoglaze

I've got to get into a swimsuit soon and after this never-ending winter my flesh has been pretty well wrapped up (apart from an unseasonal sunny blast in March) and hidden from view. So pulling on a new costume was a bit of a downer when I realised that middle-aged spread had once again taken hold - and this time with a stubbornness that has seemed hard to shift. I have taken it to Pilates and blasted it with weekly Zumba. I have cut down on sweets and bad things and tried to restrict my intake of carbs. I am looking okay-ish everywhere else apart from my stubborn stomach area which looks like it's been stuck on. So when I was invited to try out a new form of lipo that removes fat from stubborn areas without invasive (and let's face it, risky) surgery I decided to give it a go.

Lipoglaze is very popular in Hollywood and is now making an appearance in the UK through LoveLiteUK who are experts in tooth-whitening but always on the look-out for treatments that are of high quality and actually show results. This treatment, known as Cryotherapy, works on small and stubborn areas of fat (like stomach, thighs etc) and actually 'dissolves' away the fat over a period of time (from 2 weeks to 2 months) without surgery and little pain. So how does LoveLite Ice work?

The fatty area (in my case my stomach) was sucked up into a vacuum suction cup and then the temperature was reduced considerably to the area to -5 degrees. This literally freezes the fat cells which in turn crystalise and 'die'. They are then absorbed and flushed away via the liver. And that is it!

So how did I find it? Donna (one of the founders of LoveLiteUK) took me through a standard form and the full-process before the treatment asking me the usual health questions and talking me through possible side-effects. Donna has had the treatment herself several times on different areas and she looks good and I immediately felt at ease and confident in her care.

Side effects include localised tingling, slight cramping, bruising - nothing unbearable or permanent.

Then it was onto the treatment. The initial 'sucking up' of my stomach was a bit painful - toe curling rather than unbearable, but amazingly this passed fairly quickly (I would say after a minute or two) and became far less so. I then lay there for an hour with the by now numb area being frozen. And that was it! After an hour the cup was removed leaving a strange, square, frozen shape in my stomach which Donna quickly massaged away. I would need another session for the upper part of my stomach and I know that this is not an instant solution but more gentle, but I am quite excited to see results and will blog about them in a couple of months - not enough time for my swimsuit wearing alas but you've got to start somewhere! Four days in and I am still getting mild (really mild) stomach cramps - though nothing like period pains, and the bruising and tenderness lasted about 24 hours. 

LoveLite Ice Lipoglaze is available in Harley Street, London W1. Follow Donna and Debra on twitter @loveliteuk or contact them via the website to ask questions. Alternatively email
Each session which lasts an hour plus consultation time costs £500.

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