Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect

Golden Protect Lotion SPF 10

I have a summer holiday on the horizon so sent along to an afternoon with Lorraine Kelly who is a Garnier Ambre Solaire ambassador. She is passionate about keeping safe in the sun, never goes anywhere without a good dollop of suncream (factor 30) and a sun- hat. Maybe that's why at 52 she looks so amazing! She also has brought up her children to be highly sun aware too and we all have to take on board that skin-cancers are on the increase in the UK - even with our dreadful summers.

The main messages to take on board are -
  • Make sure you use enough sun-cream - most of us don't and therefore aren't getting proper protection
  • Although you can buy lower SPF creams and lotions, 30 is really the one to go for in hot climates
  • Stay out of the mid-day sun (so take a very long and leisurely lunch somewhere in the shade)
  • Replenish your suncream when you have been playing a sport or swimming
  • Using after sun helps to moisturise your skin and avoid peeling
I love this Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect and can't wait to try it out on the beach soon. Like most people I am not a great colour when I go away and this is enriched with Monoi Oil so the fragrance is tropical and gorgeous. It conjures up the scent of frangipani and gardenia with coconut and seaweed - all far removed from many sun-tan lotions which don't smell particularly nice. this also has a real golden sheen - so even on pale skin you will look sparkly and shimmering in the sunshine.

It is available in 4 formats, SPF 10, £13.83, SPF 20 £16.03, SPF 30 £16.59. The Golden Touch Aftersun is £9.18. All prices are RRP. 

And here is another dreadful picture of me with Lorraine...

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