Thursday, 7 June 2012

Camper vanning with a twist

Lots of my friends seem to be talking about getting a VW camper-van and one already has. I don't really see the appeal, especially as their kids are all grown up and they should be enjoying life in proper beds with breakfast made for them by someone else, so it must be a hankering after a wilder and more free youth.

So mid-life crises aside, if you are hankering after the great outdoors and want to make a style statement, is a VW camper-van really the way to go? Especially when you can buy a tent that does much the same thing - well it doesn't really but it will have more of an effect when you rock up at a campsite or festival with this little beauty in the boot.

Yes, this genius piece of whimsy is in fact a tent from and at £299 is a hell of a lot cheaper than the real thing. It stands at six foot so you can stand up-right in it (essential at a certain age) and comes in trad camper peppermint green. I'm almost tempted... but not enough to forego a proper bed if I'm honest.

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