Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bravo for Bravissimo!

I am more than a little impressed by the service I have just had from Bravissimo so thought I really should share it with you. Bravissimo is a company that was set up to provide lingerie for the fuller breasted woman - of which there  are many. They make bras and now clothing (in the form of Pepperberry) that fits perfectly and comes in a huge range of cup-sizes. I won't be giving away my size here (far too modest) but I cannot get a bra in Marks and Spencer and Rigby & Peller is outside of my price range. So Bravissimo is a godsend and I now have several of their bras and matching knickers which give great support and do seem to last.

So as my summer holiday is fast approaching I decided to treat myself to a new swimsuit. I am lucky that I work a 5 minute walk from their flagship store off Oxford Circus so lunchtime on Thursday I ran in to try on a swimsuit I had earmarked on their website. They had my cup size but not my body size so offered to have the correct size delivered to my home free of postage charges. Saturday morning my doorbell went and it was the postman with my swimsuit - now that's what I call speedy delivery!

£55 is more than I would normally spend on a swimsuit but this one fits really well in all the right places - the lumps and bumps are down to my figure not the manufacturer unfortunately - and I really couldn't be more pleased. So if you are outside of the C and D cup normal ranges I really would advise you to visit Bravissimo.

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