Tuesday, 12 June 2012

50 years of Havaianas!

Brazilian sandal company Havaianas, have been going an amazing 50 years so to celebrate here are some wonderful ads  and images from the archives...

Here are a few interesting facts about Havaianas that you might not know:

·         94% of Brazilians have or have had a pair of Havaianas. In 1963, over one thousand pairs of sandals were sold per day.
·         In the 80’s, the Federal Government considered Havaianas a basic-goods basket item. Prices of these basic-goods basket items were controlled to avoid inflation.
·         18,255 employees.
·         Main factory in Campina Grande, North East Brazil manufactures over 206 million pairs per year.
·         190 million pairs of flip-flops sold in 2011.
·         520,547 pairs sold per day.
·         21,689 pairs sold per hour.
·         6 pairs sold in a second.
·         Havaianas is present on the most trendy curves of the world: NY Fashion Week, the Oscar´s ceremony, Bread & Butter, Pitti, Who´s next, etc.
·         If a consumer wants to buy all Havaianas flip-flop models available in the market, print and colour combinations, he/she would buy 454 pairs per year.
·         Since its birth, over 4 billion pairs of Havaianas have already been sold. If lined up all together, they would go around the Earth about 40 times.
·         Each Portuguese owns 4 pairs of Havaianas on average.
·         Each Aussie owns 5 pairs of Havaianas on average.
·         Each Brazilian owns 25 pairs of Havaianas on average.

Havaianas now retail in 85 countries, with over 454 different styles available!

June 15th also marks National Flip Flop day, and as a celebration, Havaianas will be launching a limited edition 50th Flip Flop. Only 50,000 pairs have been produced worldwide, with 100% of net sales going to UNICEF to support further projects in Brazil.

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