Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Xen-Tan - because I'm sick of our summer

Well it's mid-May and although we are promised a heatwave by the end of the week we have seen precious little sun. And precious little sun means I remain the same old sallow self that I cover up all winter. It just won't do so the last couple of weeks I have been using a little weekly self-tan marvel called Xen-Tan.

Xen-Tan is a premium sunless self tan which gives sheer and instant colour which lasts up to a week. So unlike the self tans which gradually darken and which you need to apply daily, Xen-Tan gives you instant colour. I've been very wary of doing this type of tan myself in the past. I always end up with streaks and orange elbows, but I have to say this tan is really smooth and because it does take a few hours to develop the tan was pretty damn near perfect!

It's designed to give a more olive skin tone - perfect for my natural colouring and stops the 'Umpah Lumpah' orange effect. It also smells really good - vanilla top-notes although it does contain aloe and green tea extract.

There is a high level of the deep tanning ingredient so you do get a good, even, dark tan without looking like you've over-done it, and it is so easy to apply as it's a cross between a gel and a cream and you can clearly see where you've been.

I'm a bit addicted. Smooth even tan, no discolouration to hands, elbows or ankles and my skin feels very soft afterwards - not all dry and tight. This moisturised effect can be felt for longer than 24 hours too.

It's not the cheapest self-tan on the market at £28.99 but works, leaves your skin soft and smooth and smells great so I think it's definitely worth the investment...

Xen-Tan also comes in a daily tan for extra deep tans and lots of other varieties so visit the Xen Tan website for more information.

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