Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sea Food - Itsu Crispy Seaweed thins


I really wanted to snack out in the office but, painfully aware that I am on a countdown to a week on the beach, I am trying (and it is hard) to be good. Then someone thrust a packet of itsu crispy seaweed thins into my hands (apparently 22 bags had been delivered and put away unbeknown to me). These are made from real seaweed (not like the cabbage that is served up as seaweed in a chinese restaurant) and melt on contact with your tongue.

I really liked them - they are salty and taste of the sea. If you like sushi you'll love them - there's also a slight under-taste of soy sauce. These could become an addiction at only £1.28 a pack and with 38 calories to the whole thing!

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