Friday, 4 May 2012

People Tree Circles of Hope

Cycling mini dress: In 8,10,12,14 Designed by Keeda Oikawa (Japan) £ 28

Running T-shirt: In 8,10,12,14 Designed by Hakon Madland Hagesaether (Norway) £ 25
Womens Medal T-shirt: In 8,10,12,14 Designed by Katy Wroe (UK) £ 20

People Tree are eco fashion pioneers and along with Fair Trade are promoting new T-shirts inspired by London in 'this year of sport' (guess they're not allowed to say the Olympics as they are not a sponsor - ridiculous!).

The Olympics are all about countries from all over the world coming together outside of politics and territory to take part in an event which promotes unity, fairness and mutual respect. They are united in circles of goodwill and it is these qualities which People Tree champion and campaign for. 

They challenged their customers and friends to design a t-shirt inspired by the key countries that they have been linked with over 20 years through People Tree - UK, Japan, Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Buy and t-shirt and continue the amazing work they do to help overcome the hurdle of profit before people and planet! I love the top one with the ladies on bikes!

The t-shirts will be on the People Tree website from May 2012, printed on 100% organic Fairtrade certified cotton produced by the People Tree’s Fair Trade groups.

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