Friday, 20 April 2012

A Sure Thing

Any readers of this post knows that I am a bit addicted to Zumba and it is (along with Pilates) one of the only things that keeps me going. Unlike with Pilates however, I really really do sweat - drip in fact!
Which is a good thing and is what is supposed to happen under extreme physical exercise. However I also sweat in other situations - like on the tube the other day when I found myself sitting opposite a huge dog with jaws as big as my head and his tattoo'ed owner. Turns out both were very nice (there, mustn't go making snap judgements about people or dogs) but I did break out in a bit of a lather which I had to live with for the rest of the day. It just so happens that I was wearing the new Sure Maximum Protection deodorant as I had been sent some to try out - and it does really, really work, plus it smells good too!
I also like the ad which features lots of strong women doing active and challenging stuff unlike most ad's aimed at women.
This particular deodorant has a special formula made up of three components, the first for extra strength dryness protection, the second has fragrance which contains odor-protecting microcapsules which desolve when you sweat, and the third is a skin conditioning ingredient to help protect the skin from irritation.
I shall be buying some more when this runs out as I really genuinely found it did the trick (and no I'm not being paid for this, if I didn't like it I wouldn't write about it.
Sure Maximum Protection is RRP £5.09 for 45ml and is available from all leading retailers (prices may vary).

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