Thursday, 5 April 2012

Brilliantly British Blankets

After being inspired by Mary Portas last series where she looked at the woeful state of British textile manufacturing, I am more aware than I have ever been of the importance of not just Buying British in terms of my fruit and veg but also in other parts of my life too.

I am of the generation that grew up with blankets and sheets. I can remember getting my first duvet - a forgein import if ever there was one, but my parents never got on with them and stuck to blankets for years after the rest of us had converted.

I still have a blanket which my parents had on their bed when I was a child which must make it at least 40 years old. It's a bit the worse for wear and we do keep it in the car for picnics but I must admit this pure wool blanket has lasted far longer than any of the duvets we have bought and which regularly need replacing.

It's no wonder they are not cheap things to buy as they may well outlive you (this one did my parents let's face it!). So I am very tempted indeed to invest in a beautiful blanket by this new British lifestyle brand Scarlet & Argent who are launchingt in John Lewis's Oxford Street store this Saturday (April 7th). They are also available now from John Lewis online.

Scarlet & Argent are known for superb quality. Created in Yorkshire-based Hainsworth which is one of Britain's most prestigious textile mills and luxury fabric supplier to the Queen, its iconic scarlet cloth is worn exclusively by the Queen's Guards and Prince William even wore it on his wedding day.

Each Scarlet & Argent piece is created from only the finest natural materials and every piece is impeccably finished.

Dale & Moor Throws are made to a traditional wool drying process where the cloth is stretched over wooden tenter frames and pinned in place with hooks. Colours include Ocean, Copper and Lime and are priced at £75, again made from Pure New Lambswool.

Chamber Blankets are gorgeously fluffy lambswool blankets and come in natural or grey - they are priced at £255, £325 and £395 - a real investment piece but one you will love for years.

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