Monday, 5 March 2012

Expert Colour At Home

As you can see in my pictures, although I have a fetching (even though I do say so myself) blonde streak, I am in no way blonde. However my daughter is a wonderful golden blonde - born that way (with blue eyes to match) and keeping it that way with the help of home colour.

Garnier Nutrisse is her favourite as it is easy to use and also (unlike so many others) smells lovely too. She is following in her mother's footsteps as I have always used home colour kits to give more depth to my natural, dull brown hair, so when her hair became darker with age, grabbing a home kit was something that we didn't ever have to think about.

Garnier Nutrisse has a wide range of blonde shades to choose from - so you need never look like you've dyed your hair as there will be one to complement your skin-tones and natural colours.

But using a home colour kit isn't just for the young and these colours can happily be used to cover grey - you just need to follow a few extra guidelines to make sure you have even coverage. For grey hair, which tends to be around the temples and at the front of the hairline, you should add the colour first and leave for around 25 minutes before adding through to the roots. This is where the handy nozzle really helps as you can easily target areas to apply the creme to first.

If it's been a while since you've coloured your hair (three months say) you should always use all the mixture across all the hair and if it's been 4-6 weeks between colours you should again colour the roots first, leaving it for around 15 minutes before taking the colour through to the ends.

As with all hair the better the condition, the better it will look and Garnier Nutrisse comes with a gorgeously rich conditioner containing avocado oil which helps maintain your colour and bring out the shine!

Don't just take my word for how easy Garnier Nutrisse is to use, here is some advice from their expert.

Why be boring when you can be blonde? Discover your shade today.

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