Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Etat Pur - pure and new beauty brand

Last night I went to the launch of French skincare brand Etat Pur. Now before you click away thinking 'do we really need another French brand in the UK?' don't, because this one is something completely out of the ordinary being natural, ethical and amazingly, affordable.

Without skimping on ingredients in terms of quality, Etat Pur has a flagship store in Paris and hails from Aix en Province in the South of France.  Selling mainly online means they can keep their costs low and  quality high. Now they've launched their UK site where you can use their online survey (it only takes two minutes) to build up a list of recommended items to give you your basic daily skincare products plus the things you need to solve specific problems.

This is where things all get very interesting as there are in fact two product ranges Biomimetic which are daily care designed to respect the skin's natural biological balance and the Pure Actives which are single, pure doses of 40 different types to specifically target skin problems. These are grouped into 8 families which cover the major skin concerns for both face and body from ageing concerns to dark spots and cellulite there's something for everything really.

So you may find that you are recommended caffeine to combat a particular problem and you will be able to buy it in a pure form to target the area needed.

This makes so much sense I don't know why it's never been done before. A really bespoke solution that's delivered to your door. Sounds pricey doesn't it? Well amazingly prices start at £5.20 for 190ml Physiological Cleansing Milk and £7.80 for40ml Melting Moisturising Cream to £8.50 for 15ml of pure Aloe Vera and £11.50 for 50ml of Caffeine. So you see it is affordable...

There's no mixing either - you don't need to add on the single products and can just use the skincare daily regime. This ethical company is hell-bent on no waste and no extra packaging - even the press packs are printed on recycled paper. Transparency is all in terms of costs too - never come across that before! The more they sell they have pledged to bring the costs down to the consumer.

I haven't tried them yet but plan to and will report back when I do, but so far I like what I have seen!
Visit the Etat Pur website to take the survey, learn a huge amount about the various different ingredients and possibly trial some yourself!

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