Thursday, 29 March 2012

Holidays on my mind

I really need a holiday - all this sunshine has made me realise that it has been way too long since I left these shores and experienced a change of scene. I love the Balearic Islands and was lucky enough a couple of years ago to visit Menorca, Majorca's baby sister but no less beautiful. Menorca holidays can be a week long or a simple weekend - this is what I saw in just a weekend...

Our weekend trip to this small and often overlooked jewel of the Balearic islands started at the ancient port of Mahon where a catamaran trip around the coast gave us instant understanding of the history of the island. This former British colony still owes much of its way of life to that period, and the little towns and ports that cluster along the island fringes have a colonial feel that is as much British as it is Spanish.
Back at the port our first stop was a visit to the Gin Xoriguer distillery, one of two remaining on the island. Similar to the gin back home, Menorcan gin has an underlying smokiness from the pine used in heating and distillation. Today Menorcans drink it mixed with bitter lemon, and it has been the national drink of the island for several centuries.
Our first afternoon was spent walking in the beautiful Albufera des Grau nature reserve found northwards along the coast from Cap de Favartix. Home to much wildlife, this is off the beaten track enough to allow real appreciation of the wilder side of the island. The waters of the bay run very shallow, making it the perfect bathing spot for families with young children.
What strikes you most is how green Menorca is in comparison to its island neighbours. Underdeveloped in comparison to Mallorca or Ibiza, here the tallest things are the electricity pylons, and the architecture is a mix of old Britain and ancient Spain. The roads are well kept, the air is fresh and clean and there is a British order to the colonial style buildings along the quaysides. Hacienda style houses sit proud high on the hillsides with their characteristic Menorcan wooden gates.

Menorca is an ancient island and has almost more prehistoric sites than anywhere else in the world. Dotted on the landscape are ancient burial grounds and the remnants of small clusters of dwellings. One of the most intricate that we visited is found at Torre d'en Gaumes on the southern coast of the island. As we sat among the olive trees all we could hear was the wind, making it a perfect place to unwind with a picnic of local produce and Menorcan cheeses.

Beaches and bays
Menorca is known for the wealth of beaches and bays to visit, in fact there are more beaches here than on Mallorca and Ibiza put together.  Climbing up winding roads we passed narrow streets of whitewashed houses clinging to the hillside, with their brightly-coloured washing dancing in the breeze. Old men taking in the last light of the day meet on street corners to hold the same discussions they have, no doubt, been having for centuries. Down in the bay the most dominant thing is a large outcrop of rock - a small island linked to the mainland by a footbridge with a small selection of bars, restaurants and a supermarket or two.

Other highlights
The highest point on the island is Monte Toro in Es Mercadal. which offers stunning views across the island. This is the spiritual centre of Menorca, with a church that houses a 17th century wooden carving of the Virgin Mary that has become a pilgrimage focus for those in search of help and solace. Back down at sea level we found ourselves in the ancient capital, Ciutadella, with its elegant facades, cobbled streets, town square and small port. Bars and boutiques find a home under the arched alleyways - perfect for a refreshing glass of cava as the day drew to a close. Here too is home to one of the best fish restaurants on the island, CafĂ© Balear. Seafood is their speciality and whether it was squid, mussels or fresh hake served in garlic butter, each morsel melted in the mouth.
Don't miss
Cova d'en Xoroi - a nightclub high up on a cliff within a labyrinth of caves.
A visit to the Xoriguer gin factory - produced in the same way for 300 years and tasting of the pine smoke used to distil it.
Shopping in the open air markets - these are found in most of the towns around the island.
Albufera des Grau, a large natural paradise that is protected by UNESCO.
Why not book a Menorca holiday today?
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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Shu Uemura Kimono a la Mode

It's Spring! At last and nothing is more spring-like than the traditional blossom paintings of Japan. Perfect timing then for an art collaboration between beauty company Shu Uemura and contemporary kimono artist Mamechiyo.

I went to an event the other evening to be introduced to this gorgeously collectable range of emblematic cleansing oils and UV under base mousses, each with a different spring bloom design. And check out that gorgeous palette design too!

I'm a fan of Shu Uemura anyway so having a couple of these to grace my bathroom shelves makes me so happy and I really do like the products too.

The cleansing oil is a bit of a legendary product and a bottle is sold every 15 seconds around the world. It was developed when Shu Uemura, while working backstage at the Hollywood Movie Studios in the 1950's discovered a cleansing oil called UNMASKED. He was so impressed by it's efficacy and the fact that it was so popular with the starlets of the time that he dedicated himself to advancing the potential of this iconic cleansing oil.

Monday, 26 March 2012

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel book vs film

Certainly hyped up recently, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel seems to be an aquired taste. My younger colleagues in the office simply loved it and thought it hilarious, but I should have taken note of my colleague who is nearer me in age who was left singularly unimpressed, before heading out on Saturday night to my local Vue cinema.

Films are rarely if ever as good as the book - and it probably didn't help that I finished the book on Saturday afternoon so it was fresh in my memory, but still, what on earth had they done to the storyline?

Okay it's still set in a hotel in Jaipur and the characters are roughly the same but they have swept aside the subtle back stories of each character and in some cases rewritten their story entirely. And not to the films advantage either! Without spoiling either the book or the film too much for you (though I fear I've already spoilt the film) leaving out the integral reason for each character being the way they are and allowing you more insight into the family dynamics they have left behind, means that the film is a slightly patronising, thin, rom-com that doesn't stretch the wonderful caste in any way and relies heavily on the obvious in terms of characters. Indians are portrayed as either headwaggling lower-caste extras from It Aint Half Hot Mum or highly educated and desparate to learn more about England (because let's face it England is so wonderful isn't it). And why is the hotel set up in the first place? This is an integral part of the book and isn't even covered in the film...

I can watch Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Tom Wilkinson, Bill Nighy and Penelope Wilton until the cows come home and really it's only their wonderfully warm and real performances that elevate this film at all. It is beautifully shot but it certainly aint no Monsoon Wedding.

Read The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel if you want a great story and characters that engage and that you will actually care about. If you don't read the book then wait for the film on DVD or Sky is my advice. Beautifully shot but a bit of a missed opportunity alround really...

Saturday, 24 March 2012

80 Years of Revlon!

Revlon is 80 this year so Happy Birthday Revlon! Created in 1932 by Charles Revson and in the midst of the Great Depression, Charles and brother Joseph along with Charles Lachman (who contributed 'L' to the Revlon name) set up the company and swiftly became innovators in the field of cosmetics and beauty. At this time the only shades of nail enamel were clear and it was Charles Revson who added pigments to create coloured varnishes and by 1933 launched nail enamels to complement the seasonal trends - The Revlon Reds were born!

In 1939 the concept of matching 'lips and tips' was created which set the standard for Hollywood's most glamorous era and is still considered glamorous today. Revlon Red was the first colour and there have been so many since - amazingly the exact same colour is still in existance today and is still a popular seller. So when you paint your nails with Revlon Red you will still be using the same colour as our grandmothers and greatgrandmothers - there's something quite comforting about that!

Revlon Red gets some 1040's inspired design inspiration

Revlon Red and some new contenters

Friday, 23 March 2012

The Master and Margarita - Complicite at The Barbican

Where do I start with this? The Master and Margarita has always been one of my favourite books. It was recommended to me by my mother when I was about 20, I read it, couldn't put it down and it's been on my bookshelf ever since.

It was written by Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov in 1939 but, due to the political control over literary publications at the time, it wasn't published until 1966 long after his death in 1940. To say it's a complex novel is something of an understatement.  It's magical, thought provoking and highly complicated. The main story is about the Devil and his entourage (including a talking cat) arriving in Moscow and creating havoc. It's also a take on organised religion and how it's lost it's way, and is about self-sacrifice, love, revenge, guilt, actually I could go on and on with a list of topics featured in this novel.
It travels from Moscow to Jerusalem, bringing in Pontius Pilate condemning Jesus to death, alongside parties in hell and literary meetings in Moscow.  It's the story of a novelist stuck in a lunatic asylum and his mistress and the question of whether everything is really preordained.

It's complex, skips hither and thither through time and storylines and yet is a wonderfully compulsive read that you remember long after the final page. No-one has successfully turned it into a play or film though some have considered it seriously (including Andrew Lloyd-Webber who looked at doing a musical version). Complicite and it's director Simon McBurney have met the challenge head on and using the huge theatre space at London's Barbican Theatre, have produced a work that is heart stopping in its visual impact, and takes you through the story at quite a pace. The music ranges from Shostakovich to The Rolling Stones giving added drama and rhythm to the movement of the ensemble. Three hours is a long time to sit through a play and I must admit the first half of an hour and 45 mins did leave me a bit numb with a desire to walk around for the full interval. The second half brings everything together and from the moment the actors appear back on the stage they've got you on the edge of your seat until the end.

Sadly it's now unlikely you'll get a ticket although it is running to April 7th but I would queue all night for returns. If you like physical theatre and especially if the book is on your favourites list then you mustn't miss this treat.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dining in the Dark

I had heard all about the experience of 'dining in the dark' so when I was invited to experience it for myself  I was really intrigued. Then I saw the date and discovered that I couldn't make it! Gutted I asked my friend Colette to report back....

Here is what she found -
I was invited to a secret product launch at London Restaurant DansLe Noir. If you haven’t heard from it before it’s a restaurant where you dine entirely in the dark as they believe that by dining in the dark you will take part in a unique experience that will shake up your senses and make you re-evaluate your perception of taste and smell.
When we arrived there was a bar which was light- a relief to be honest! There was definitely a buzz of anticipation between us all as we arrived and when everyone was there we were asked to line up in a certain order and place our hands on the shoulders of the guest in front. We were then introduced to our waiters and waitresses who were all blind. They needed us to be in name order so they knew which guest they were dealing with – clever!
So hit the darkness we did, we were led through to another room through a curtain and ‘bang’ when that closed it was total pitch black. There were lots of nervous giggles as we awaited instructions of what to do next.
We were very reassured by our waiter/guide who you knew not only was familiar with the dark space we were about to enter but also totally comfortable with the darkness and knew exactly how to guide you and tell you what you needed to hear about the unknown surrounding you.
We were guided to our tables, finding the chair and not falling off it was the next challenge. We were then advised that in front of us on the table was cutlery, a glass and a plate. I literally couldn’t see my hand in front of my face which was such a strange feeling!
Plates of food were then brought out but we weren’t told what they contained – you had to find the food then try it! This took a while to master and your senses are left to do their thing. This encouraged lots of discussion about the food and ingredients and was interesting to see how different people perceive the taste of something when just left to their senses.
Lots of delicious mystery plates later we were then led back through to the light again to discover the surprise ingredient. Plates included seared Wagju Beef on curly kale and Jerusalem artichoke puree, purple sprouting broccoli with horseradish Mornay sauce, and for the main event the dessert Fruity chocolate-cherry and frozen yogurt made with our secret ingredient of the night – Alpro! In fact all the dishes had Alpro products in them using Alpro single soya cream, Alpro original soya milk and Alpro Fruity & Creamy Cherry soya yogurt. 

So the whole evening was about getting people to take a new look at Alpro.  Alpro have launched a healthy indulgence in the form of Fruity & Creamy twin-pack's which are made from soya (so are much more healthy than dairy) and come in either Cherry or Peach.

Each pot has only 125 calories and is also free from artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives. They are really creamy (yes I picked up a pack when I came across them in the supermarket) and I will be buying them again especially as they are just £1.09 for a twin pack.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Ovarian Cancer Month - e.l.f. cosmetics

Coming through Oxford Circus the other day I passed two women collecting for Ovarian Cancer which reminded me that March is indeed Ovarian Cancer Month and that I had received a press release about e.l.f cosmetics who have produced a limited edition 'Target gift bag'.
The limited edition bag contains a selection of amazing products, including an all over colour stick, cream eyeliner and a dazzling purple polish, all for just £5. £1 from every gift bag purchased throughout the month of March will be donated to Target Ovarian Cancer.
Clare Horwood, head of fundraising at Target Ovarian Cancer, said “A lot of women with ovarian cancer feel better when they look good.
“We’re thrilled to have the support of e.l.f. during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, which will raise vital funds for our work in supporting women with ovarian cancer.”
The gift bag is being launched this week and is available online at Eyeslipsface.
Visit Target Ovarian Cancer for more information about symptoms and the charity’s work.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

When God Was A Rabbit

Now I know When God Was A Rabbit by Sarah Winman is a bit last year but being a working parent it takes me about a year to catch up. I also (like most of the world) have to wait for things to come out in paperback and hence for the price to fall on Amazon Kindle before I will purchase - can't afford to pay the newly published prices. So I have finally got around to reading it - and what a read.

It sums up an era I recognise perfectly. For anyone who shouted out the prizes on the conveyor belt while watching The Generation Game or remembers a parent diligently filling in the football pools then this book will transport you back. It's a book about family relationships, family secrets, the bond between brother and sister and about starting over. It's about love in many forms and friendship and loyalty. Its a quick read - I couldn't put it down. Some people have criticised it for being too difficult to follow and over wordy - I didn't find this to be the case at all, and I have the concentration of a gnat especially while reading on the tube.

From Essex then Cornwall, taking in New York and 9/11 this book takes in the fortunes of Elly and Joe and her former best friend Jenny Penny. It has eccentric characters, a dark storyline, and I think will grab you and stay with you for a long time after you have read it, it's that sort of book.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Naked Style

Here is a glorious little pot which of hair serum which, if you have hair like straw (like mine) you will want to rush online and buy. Naked Style Extra Shiny finishing serum has moisturising botanical extracts with natural minerals and has added a glossy shine to my hair - even the dyed to death blonde bits.

It also smells heavenly - without sounding too much like a '90's TV wine expert, I get hints of grape, watermelon and peach, but that may just be me! It's silicone free and, as the labelling says isn't tested on Bambi, Lassie or Skippy.

It was Highly Commended in the Natural Health Beauty Awards 2010 and is an affordable £4.99 for 50ml.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Visit Kensal Flea Saturday 24th!

Kensal Rise blog Park Life is involved with a cool Flea market the weekend of Saturday 24th(it's held 4 times a year) and if you are a lover of vintage and wanting inspiration for a sunny Saturday (fingers crossed)  this is the place to be if you live in London. Held at Paradise by way of Kensal Green  the Kensal Flea boutique market is supporting the Mayhew Animal Home and Trekstock, with a pop-up tea room for Contact the Elderly charity.
Music is from Adrian Rebello and Mark Rae and there are a few surprises in store including cute doggies and micropigs to stroke so bring your families!
Stallholders include Frangipani's floral men's shirts, Anna Richardson's secondhand designer clothes, I Dream Elephants children's clothing and toys, House of Amelia vintage lamps and homeware, Love Sugar bakery, Rag & Bow's vintage fashion and a whole host of others.

Entry is £1, all proceeds of the door  for charity....

Ros Shiers - illustrations for sale

I came across Ros Shiers' great little site when looking for something completely different and I am putting it on my 'ideal presents for those I don't know what to buy for their birthday/xmas etc' list.

Ros Shiers is a London based illustrator who creates beautiful prints that have loving notes and words to inspire - she will also create something bespoke if you have a favourite quote or saying.... She studied at Brighton University and her clients include Stella McCartney, Nokia and Quadrille. Prices start at around £10 for a tea-towel.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Etat Pur - pure and new beauty brand

Last night I went to the launch of French skincare brand Etat Pur. Now before you click away thinking 'do we really need another French brand in the UK?' don't, because this one is something completely out of the ordinary being natural, ethical and amazingly, affordable.

Without skimping on ingredients in terms of quality, Etat Pur has a flagship store in Paris and hails from Aix en Province in the South of France.  Selling mainly online means they can keep their costs low and  quality high. Now they've launched their UK site where you can use their online survey (it only takes two minutes) to build up a list of recommended items to give you your basic daily skincare products plus the things you need to solve specific problems.

This is where things all get very interesting as there are in fact two product ranges Biomimetic which are daily care designed to respect the skin's natural biological balance and the Pure Actives which are single, pure doses of 40 different types to specifically target skin problems. These are grouped into 8 families which cover the major skin concerns for both face and body from ageing concerns to dark spots and cellulite there's something for everything really.

So you may find that you are recommended caffeine to combat a particular problem and you will be able to buy it in a pure form to target the area needed.

This makes so much sense I don't know why it's never been done before. A really bespoke solution that's delivered to your door. Sounds pricey doesn't it? Well amazingly prices start at £5.20 for 190ml Physiological Cleansing Milk and £7.80 for40ml Melting Moisturising Cream to £8.50 for 15ml of pure Aloe Vera and £11.50 for 50ml of Caffeine. So you see it is affordable...

There's no mixing either - you don't need to add on the single products and can just use the skincare daily regime. This ethical company is hell-bent on no waste and no extra packaging - even the press packs are printed on recycled paper. Transparency is all in terms of costs too - never come across that before! The more they sell they have pledged to bring the costs down to the consumer.

I haven't tried them yet but plan to and will report back when I do, but so far I like what I have seen!
Visit the Etat Pur website to take the survey, learn a huge amount about the various different ingredients and possibly trial some yourself!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Moo Pie!

It was my birthday yesterday and being a Monday and therefore a 'school night' I didn't want to go out but I didn't want to cook either. So I treated us all to whatever took my fancy from my local Waitrose (rather than my usual Asda - sorry Asda). And there I found these fantastic pies.

Pieminster Moo Pies has won awards and is filled with a generous portion of tender british beef and real ale. The pastry is splendid - crisp, not too fatty and lighter than it looks in the pictures.

In 2003 Jon and Tristan started making pies, feeding them to friends and selling them at music festivals. They went down rather well and they opened a little cafe which was really a reinvention of the pie and mash shop. They got attention, a few famous clients and several awards. You can now find them in posh shops and restaurants and my local Waitrose - look out for them you really won't be disappointed.

For those who care about quality (and who doesn't) they contain only free range meat, fresh and natural ingredients, not artificial colourings or flavourings, no hydrogenated fats and everything is sourced responsibly.

Sweeney Todd eat your heart out!

Jon and Tristan speak about pies...

Monday, 12 March 2012

Treat your skin for charity

I want to tell you all about a new collaboration between the New York-based Kiehl's company and Pearl & Daisy Lowe, all set up to support and raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital children's charity.

If you haven't tried the cult classic, Creme de Corps, then you and your skin are missing out - believe me it's true! So you should give yourself a wonderful treat but make sure you buy the limited editotion re-design as £2 plus VAT of the retail price will go to the charity which, as we all know, does superb work for children from across the UK.

This all-over body moisturiser if formulated for extremely dry or flaking skin and is enriched with the finest ingredients - 10 days of use is all it needs to completely moisturise and transform winter skin. Main ingredients are sesame seed oil, soybean oil, lanolin oile, olive fruit oil, cocoa seed butter, almond oil and avocado oil - see I said it was rich!

This limited edition is exclusive to Selfridges and Kiehl's free standing stores (I was in the Leeds one the other day in fact) nationwide now. RRP £27 for 250ml and £44 for 500ml.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A Woman's Work...

A woman’s work is never done, that’s how the saying goes and as the years of domestic drudgery have slipped by I realise that never a truer word was spoken. I like to think that I channel my inner Betty Draper whenever I haul the vacuum cleaner from the back of the cupboard, or hang out the daily (yes I repeat daily) wash load. I am glamorously in control of my rubber gloves and never happier than when I am making that lovely home even lovelier for my adoring and appreciative family.
Yeh, right.
I am a slave to the bathrooms (who needs two really), and unlike my younger self I notice grime and cobwebs more than I ever used to, and cannot just let them lie. In these days of tightened belts and expensive family bills I cannot afford a cleaner and am therefore into a daily routine of washing, cooking, shopping, cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, tidying, emptying rubbish bins, ironing… Feeling sorry for me yet?
Unlike Betty Draper I also work. No wonder my eyebrows are always in need of a wax and my nails in need of a manicure. My family don’t really acknowledge all this input into their clean (well mostly), ordered and tidied home and the fact that their dinner is always on the table even when I’m out working. I am Wonder Woman and I know it, and now I am extra excited because I can prove it!
Your Cover Insurance have come up with a nifty little application called Chores Worth. Now I can prove that if I were paid for all the work I do in the house I would be richer than the rest. The brilliant thing about this app. is that I can enter in the details of everyone else too and there will be no escaping who does what and who doesn’t! It's so easy - you put in your name, your role in the house and then you choose the tasks you perform and how many hours a week you perform them for...

And then it simply adds up your hours across the year and gives you a total of how much you should earn...

Yes this is me and I am worth to my family at least £79,566. Well okay I may have over-egg'd the pudding a bit on this one with 6 hours hard ironing a day but that is what it feels like to me! Had I been more charitable I would have added in my families names - after all my husband does clean the bathrooms and occasionally vacuum's the stair carpets, but I just wanted to bask in the recognition that I do 100% of it and am worth that amount. Roll on Mother's Day I say, I'm expecting something extra special!

It is so easy to download and great fun so if you're feeling like you need to prove your worth then the application is downloadable for both Apple and Android. For further information and to download visit Your Cover Insurance. 
To celebrate the launch of the Chores Worth application, Your Cover Insurance have a free prize draw where they are giving away a whole load of fantastic prizes including Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners, De'Longhi Magnifica coffee brewers and also iTunes vouchers and Bose SoundDocks to have you singing while you work. All you have to do is enter by liking their Facebook Page before March 31st when the competition ends.
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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Dreams of Norway jewellery

Not Just a Label promotes small designers and provides a shop for those looking for something a little bit different. I have fallen in love again (I know, but it is jewellery my not-so-secret passion) with Dreams of Norway whose collection for Spring/Summer 2012 is entitled Possessions/Obsessions.

It's inspired by birds, in particular the Magpie, a bird I highly identify with, being drawn to bright, shiny objects. It also brings out my inner-hippy which is always bubbling just under the surface. All the pieces are made in Norway by designer duo Nina Einarsen and Iselin Stromsvag. They use silver, swarovski crystals, feathers, wood, horn and leather. No two pieces are the same as everything is hand-made. These are my favourite pieces...


Monday, 5 March 2012

Expert Colour At Home

As you can see in my pictures, although I have a fetching (even though I do say so myself) blonde streak, I am in no way blonde. However my daughter is a wonderful golden blonde - born that way (with blue eyes to match) and keeping it that way with the help of home colour.

Garnier Nutrisse is her favourite as it is easy to use and also (unlike so many others) smells lovely too. She is following in her mother's footsteps as I have always used home colour kits to give more depth to my natural, dull brown hair, so when her hair became darker with age, grabbing a home kit was something that we didn't ever have to think about.

Garnier Nutrisse has a wide range of blonde shades to choose from - so you need never look like you've dyed your hair as there will be one to complement your skin-tones and natural colours.

But using a home colour kit isn't just for the young and these colours can happily be used to cover grey - you just need to follow a few extra guidelines to make sure you have even coverage. For grey hair, which tends to be around the temples and at the front of the hairline, you should add the colour first and leave for around 25 minutes before adding through to the roots. This is where the handy nozzle really helps as you can easily target areas to apply the creme to first.

If it's been a while since you've coloured your hair (three months say) you should always use all the mixture across all the hair and if it's been 4-6 weeks between colours you should again colour the roots first, leaving it for around 15 minutes before taking the colour through to the ends.

As with all hair the better the condition, the better it will look and Garnier Nutrisse comes with a gorgeously rich conditioner containing avocado oil which helps maintain your colour and bring out the shine!

Don't just take my word for how easy Garnier Nutrisse is to use, here is some advice from their expert.

Why be boring when you can be blonde? Discover your shade today.

This is a sponsored post.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Ted Baker Spring/Summer 2012

Ted Baker came to our London Fashion Week blogger suite at One Aldwych to meet the bloggers and show off the Spring/Summer collection. The fashion weeks are always a little off for real people as it's always the next season's collections that are streaming down the catwalk, so a refresher in terms of the current season is always a good idea. I love their clean shapes, soft fabrics and strong colour themes. Here are my favourites...

Take a little black dress. This one, Beata, is £179 from the Langley collection at Ted Baker and is knitted - gorgeously figure enhancing and will cross all seasons for work and proper dressing up.

Ted Baker is becoming well-known for their accessories - there are plenty of rip-offs on the High Street and here are a few of my faves.
What's not to love about the Ted Baker Stilt bodybag for £79?

Or the amazing Crocery handbag £269 which will never date...

Prints are big this season and I particularly like the photo-realistic prints on this Luanna shirt £99.

And you can never have too many sunglasses - these Charlee £69 one's are particularly on-trend for the season's colours...

Don't just listen to me - check out Ted Baker today...
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