Sunday, 26 February 2012

Win Tickets for the Ideal Home Show

Spring is loitering just around the corner and with Spring thoughts turn to Spring cleaning and with that, well, with that comes the awful realisation that things in my house are not always as beautiful as I would like them to be. Long, dark winter days are good for several things. They allow us to curl up in front of the TV and not go out, and also they let us cover a multitude of sins as in a dim light our homes don't come under too much scrutiny. My home is just not like this....

...and I so wish it was!
Tired rooms become cosy in winter-time, but with the first low rays of the sun that Springtime brings, all the flaws are highlighted. Scuffed paintwork, cracks, cobwebs (!) all come into the view as does my annual dissatisfaction with the one room in the house I spend most of my waking home time hours - my kitchen.

It's not that it's in bad shape but it is getting a bit over the hill with doors that don't quite fit and paintwork that needs a bit of tlc. We have given it the occasional bit of a lift with a new floor and new work-surface, but what it really needs and what I wish I could just magic up, is space. 

I lust after my sister's conservatory kitchen - she has work-space, a large range cooker and one of those big American fridges. I don't. Far from it. Some would describe my kitchen as 'bijoux', I describe it with something beginning with B that is far worse.
So I'd really rather have this instead...
Ideal Home Show sponsors Everest

So I lust after the kitchen's of family and friends and I will no doubt lust after the Ideal Home kitchens that will be making their annual appearance at the Ideal Home Show once again this year. Everest are sponsors of the show and I must admit that I could do with some help myself, but there is nothing like a day's indulgence and a visit to Ideal Home at Olympia to get some great ideas. The show runs from the 16th March to the 1st April and those lovely people at Everest have given me 5 tickets to give away. So all you have to do is leave a comment (give me a twitter name or contact please) and tell me what you hate and about your home and what you would change and I'll put your name into a draw to win tickets! The competition will close on March 4th.

This is a sponsored blog post.
Ideal Home Show Sponsors Everest

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