Friday, 10 February 2012

Ugg Trainers - gotta have them!

 Ugg's are not on my personal fashion radar. My daughters wear them like a second skin but they are horrendously expensive in my opinion and I find my eye's water when I have to replace their Uggs which, it's fair to say, is not that often as they do seem to last. I will stick to my FitFlop boots for the winter which are cheaper (though not much) than Uggs and don't scream middle-aged fashion victim with questionable fashion sense at me.

Mukluk boot £145 FitFlop
However I am really really tempted to buy a pair of Ugg trainers as my Converse are literally wearing thin and these are sheepskin-lined so will give me loads of comfort in the summer without socks...

What do you think? Bad idea? Ugg trainers £105.

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