Friday, 17 February 2012

Prolong the life of your Ugg's!

Okay before I finally come off the topic of Ugg's (well for the time being anyway) I want to tell you about a fantastic little company I came across while drifting around the internet.

Sheepland Ltd sell sheepskin crafts from their home in Somerset all hand-made by local women, and yes there are loads of 'old-lady' skeepskin slippers and  mittens. HOWEVER... they also sell not just boots that would happily give Ugg a run for their money but a nifty little sheepskin insole that will prolong the lift of your sheepskin boots. After all these are not a cheap purchase and it's the lovely, fluffy insole that is the first to go.

My sheepskin insoles (£5) arrived this morning and I am really thrilled by both the quality and value for money. If you like Sheepskin you'll love this site - refresh your Ugg's, buy a gift for a friend with a baby or simply treat yourself to a pair of slipper boots to snuggle up in.

£5 for insoles

Slipper boots £57.50

Tall sheepskin boots, £95.99

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