Friday, 3 February 2012

Bellapierre Cosmetics Eye Pencil

Like most of the universe I love a smoky eye when I'm in the mood to glam it up but often find eye-pencil's unless they are kohl can be too hard and scratchy for my delicate eye area (what a delicate flower I am).
I have recently come across a new eye pencil which is up to my exacting standard by Bellapierre who are known for their mineral make-up and have added new brow, eye and lip pencils to the range.

These are really good colours - they were a tiny bit hard to start with but soon softened down to a deep colour which blended well without dragging my skin. Available in five shades, Snow White, Ebony, Charcoal, Midnight Blue and Chocolate - I've got Ebony which I'll use for those smoky evening looks and Chocolate for a more daytime blend.... The extra great thing is that they are 100% natural including pure mineral pigments and botanical waxes such as jojoba, safflower and vitamin E. Check out Bellapierre Cosmetics for the rest of the range.

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