Monday, 16 January 2012

Sherlock Holmes Shocker!

Who hasn't been glued to the TV for the last three Sunday nights in awe at the BBC's Sherlock Holmes? And what a shocking ending! It had us all scratching our heads here in the same way we do when we watch Dynamo do his stuff (I can't work his tricks out either).

Beautifully shot, fantastic performances from the entire cast (no one-man show this) and in my humble opinion a better take on the spirit of the books than the recent Hollywood offerings - though I like those too.

Benedict Cumberbatch goes straight up to the top of my list of favourite Sherlock Holmes actors.

Next of course comes the gorgeous Robert Downey Jnr. - I will even forgive him the license they took with the script - no-one would ever have shouted 'Nut him!' in a Sherlock Holmes story!

My first encounter as a child sent chills down my spine - it was The Hound of the Baskervilles starring the king of British horror Peter Cushing as the intrepid detective. This 1959 film was way before I was born I should add!

And don't forget Rupert Everett in Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Silk Stocking in 2004 - the undercurrent of sexual tension between Holmes and Watson simmered just below the surface in this version.

Who next I wonder - there certainly are a few acts to follow. And how the devil did Holmes survive that fall alive? Hope they don't keep us hanging on for an answer to that one for too long...

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