Monday, 23 January 2012

The Detox Kitchen - a week of detox

I am doing a detox this week for a brand new diet delivery company in London called The Detox Kitchen. They deliver outside your front door early in the morning so you will have stuff for breakfast onwards and everything is balanced in terms of nutritents - they even supply you with some tablets and Pukka teas to keep things balanced and healthy. I will be blogging how I get on throughout the week - though how I'm going to live without coffee I do not know!

Each detox box that is delivered daily for 5 days contains
  • Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and pudding/snack
  • Detoxing herbal teabags
  • One little tub of psyllium husk (we are huge fans of this wonder powder!)
  • One little tub of detoxifying bentonite clay
  • A Biocare supplement program
  • A 'shot of the day' - wheatgrass, beetroot juice, aloe vera and many more

You have to follow the sequence of breakfast, lunch and dinner and before breakfast I mixed Psyllium Husk with juice. This acts as a broom for the colon (nice!) and gets things moving as it were. I also have Bentonite Clay for bedtime for internal cleansing and detox. Yum.

For breakfast I had a beetroot, celery and apple juice with a little pot of brazil nuts - surprisingly tasty.
My mid-morning snack was humous and raw veg...
Then lunch was a delicious Quinoa and carrot, pepper salad with a dressing of coriander, soy and ginger vinaigrette.

My mid afternoon snack was a pot of Edamame beans which I love then I had to survive on a detox tea and lots of water until supper.

This was a Sri Lankan vegetable and prawn curry with lime pickle and saffron brown rice - it made a nice change to have some hot food. I was also sent a baked apple with cinnamon and nutmeg and a trace of a raspberry coulis - very nice indeed. Welcome little touch was a little pot of fresh mint leaves for making a mid-evening drink, these guys try to think of everything.

Will let you know how I feel tomorrow and what's on the menu!

The Detox Kitchen Day Two
The Detox Kitchen Day Three
The Detox Kitchen Day Four
The Detox Kitchen Day Five

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