Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Detox Kitchen - day two

The Detox Kitchen day two and I haven't cracked yet!

So I woke up this morning and I must admit I wasn't hungry (which I was fearing) and my stomach felt a bit flatter. I have, since Christmas indulgencies really, been feeling bloated and sluggish and I can definitely feel, even after just one day, things are beginning to take effect.

Today's bag contained the usual tablets and potions - the supplements are a Biocare Adult Mulitvitamin & Mineral tablet, 2 linseed oil 500 capsules which contain omega 3 fatty acids, 1 Biocare Bio Acidophilus which is a probiotic full of 'good' bacteria.

I must confess I couldn't face taking the Bentonite Clay last night, this aids internal cleansing and detoxing, but I just couldn't face it. Today's resolution is to take it and not make a fuss.

Breakfast was a shot of beetroot juice, the tablets and a porridge oats with agave raspberry and apple compote and almond milk which was filling.

Today's snack was carrot, celery and apple juice and lunch (which was my favourite one to date) was roasted root vegetable tagine with almond and pearl barley - which was stuffed full of crisp sweet potato and quite delicious.

Dinner was very filling but healthy, chicken with a smoked aubergine and puy lentil bake with rocket and a snack of kiwi with mint and blueberries. I feel healthier just typing this...

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