Friday, 27 January 2012

The Detox Kitchen - day four

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster trying to stick to The Detox Kitchen regime as the evening found me at two events both with champagne and I am afraid I drew a line at sticking to water. So I retoxed, not badly but I did retox and do I feel bad for it? Do I heck! Today a grey dawn dawned and I promised to be better and back on track so my day started with a shot of beetroot juice, the ubiquitous tablets and a breakfast of porridge oats with blackberries and raspberries and almond milk.
My snack was a tub of cherry tomatoes with beetroot and apple juice which was really refreshing then lunch was meant to be a lightly steamed broccoli broth with ginger and garlic and a pot (a very small one I might add) of hazelnuts. This didn't happen as we don't have a microwave at work so I did break my fast and have a soup from Pret - I really am not a cold soup lover I'm afraid.

My afternoon snack was Edamame beans - oh I really do love these.

Supper was a smoked salmon fillet with sesame fried vegetables and puy lentils - this was great as I prefer salmon fillets smoked and I love puy lentils. I gently warmed it in the oven and it really was good.

And then the snack was grapes, raspberry coulis and flaxseed. I am still not taking the clay as I just can't but it feels good to be a bit more back on track.

One more day to go!

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