Friday, 27 January 2012

The Detox Kitchen - day five!

Nearly through to the end and I'm actually, and if I'm honest, starting to feel that it has had effect. I have spent the beginning of the week feeling bloated and the bloat has now gone, so my stomach is a bit flatter and I feel, well, lighter somehow. I don't think I've lost much (if any) weight but I do feel that this has kick started my metabolism after Christmas and I can now move on to do so...
So last day and what did we have...

Breakfast was a watermelon and raspberry juice with a pot of sunflower seeds. I am not sure about a juice for breakfast I must say as I was hungry and chomping my way through my snack of carrot and celery with hummus by half ten, so it was a bit of a long way until lunch. Thank goodness for the herbal teas!

Lunch was a chicken breast with pesto brown rice and pearl barley which was filling and made up for breakfast and my afternoon snack was a bit of a strange concoction of butter bean mash with mint and corriander. Tasted okay but would have liked some more veg to go with it really.

My last supper was a delicious butternut squash curry with quinoa followed by Canteloupe melon with blueberries.

It's over. I will miss the bags outside my door every morning and the fact that I haven't had to think about what I am eating. I have made a few minor transgresions I will admit, I have always been a bit of a rule breaker. But they were only minor and not major mortal sins and have kept me going through to the end. I feel less sluggish and set for a more weight loss regime. If you want to detox without thinking about it then give The Detox Kitchen a go.

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