Friday, 6 January 2012

The Cross is a shop in Holland Park, London who specialise finding the best in small designers and companies so that everything feels just that little bit bespoke and special. Prices are what you would expect for the area (yup it's a classy joint) but quality is all.

I don't go for Valentine's day his 'n' hers stuff usually but just fell in love with these dressing gowns. Even though they are in impractical cashmere and come in at an eye-watering £406 each. The his 'n' hers version aren't for sale until nearer Valentine's Day.... but the pink one is online now.

Now this is a great idea for the little person (or big person) who has everything - a paint your own Russian Doll which at £16 which includes everything you need, is a far less extravagant price.

And although I am waaaaay too long in the tooth for a Tutu - especially one this fabulous and in tule - I just had to share this, a snip at £65.

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