Monday, 30 January 2012

BOOM! Big explosions with Viktor and Rolf for Spicebomb!

A new male fragrance which had us all a tweeting like mad this week launched itself onto some 40 bloggers in a car park in W1. Yes you heard right, a car park.

We were all lulled into a false sense of security over champagne at The Charlotte Street Hotel (very nice too) but were then marched round the corner by men in black to an undercover car park complete with large industrial and cranky lift and no heating.

Thank goodness we were forwarned about wrapping up. Huddled in the dark in front of a large screen we waited... and then there was a large explosion and the air was filled with tiny pieces of metallic confetti and the scent of Viktor & Rolf's new fragrance, Spicebomb.

This was not ordinary way to spend a Wednesday night but I am happy to have more of these please!
What a way to launch a fragrance, the male counterpart to Flowerbomb which I do wear as a daytime staple. The evening continued with plum cocktails with bits of floating gold was it? I'm pretty sure it was but after the third glass it all went a bit hazy. I do remember that even some of the canapes had hidden popping candy. Anyway enough of the treats and what about the fragrance? Well, and it wasn't just the alcohol talking, everyone loved it! It's the right balance of ingredients and is quite irresistable...

The bottle is definitely made for boys although the fragrance will be worn by everyone I'm sure.

I can't describe it better than they do themselves so here you go -

Spicebomb is born of the incendiary encounter between two accords with virtually opposing tones: the first is irresistibly addictive, blending a heart of incandescent spices – chilli and saffron – with the all-masculine roundness of leather and tobacco, along with the distinguished brute strength of vetiver. The second is explosive, fusing fresh zesty notes of bergamot and grapefruit, while cold spices – elemi and pink pepper –leave the mark of their icy bite.
Spicebomb is a burst of spices tamed by an enveloping freshness, a controlled surge of power.

So now you know. On sale at Harrods now and nationwide from March 7th 2012 Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf is £45 for 50ml and £60 for 90ml.
Photos by Karen Hatch.

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