Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Oral-B Pro-Expert Toothpaste meets Masterchef

I was in a rush between events the other night so couldn’t stay long enough to be able to report properly on the fantastic event that was held by Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste to make us all aware of what certain foods can do to your teeth. They took over The Cookery School in Little Portland Street London an brought in Masterchef winner Tim Anderson for a cookery masterclass, so it was extra-gutting to have to leave, but thankfully the lovely Alan from ShineSquad creative media  was there to report back in a post for The Life Edit.

‘Tim had come up with some great, but intimidating sounding dishes for us to cook. From the TV series I remember the unbelievable Mocha steak with miso sauce. I could hear the swish and the sizzle of the opening titles and set up my blue chopping block, sharp knives and prepared to dice.
First up was the sashimi. I think of a bit of sliced raw fish and dab of wasabi. No, this was another winning dish. You’ll be the talk of the oriental supermarket getting all the ingredients – but that’s half the fun. It’s actually very easy to make – (no cooking, remember?) and it tastes divine.  Think of a cold  Sole Veronique. The beautiful fish anchors the texture in your mouth, dashed with a zing of passion fruit and a cold, nutty squelch of seaweed.

Sashimi With Passion Fruit Foam and Wasabi Tsuyu Granita Serves 3
For the sashimi Ingredients: 300g sashimi grade tuna, mackarel, or other oily fish – yellowtail is recommended as it’s fatty and buttery in winter. Scale and fillet the fish. Try and get it done at the fishmongers. To keep the sheen effect of the fish don’t saw it. Sharp slice through. Trim into a solid rectangle. Cover with cling film and keep cool.
For the seaweed salad Ingredients: 10g dried kaiso (sea vegetable) salad, 10g hijiki (a dark-coloured grassy seaweed which is nutty and chocolatey, savoury but not salty). Soak the seaweeds in warm water for 30 minutes, until tender. Drain and reserve the seaweed water.
For the passion fruit foam The foam doesn’t have any texture or add wetness so it doesn’t intrude on the texture of the dish. Ingredients: 1 passion fruit, 30ml water, 2g lecithin, 0.25g xanthan gum (all natural ingredients!) Mix all the ingredients with a hand blender. Pass through a fine sieve and reserve.
For the wasabi granita Ingredients: 30 ml shoyu, 8g wasabi powder, 5ml rice vinegar, 5ml mirin, 5 dashi no moto powder, some ice. Granita is a fancy slush. Blitz all ingredients together in a food processor into a chunky slush. Keep frozen until ready to plate up.
To serve Slice the fish into 1cm thick strips. Place a mound of seaweed salad in the center of the bowl, and arrange the fish on top. Spoon some granita on top of the fish. Whip the foam mixture with a hand blender until frothy, and add 3-4 small spoonfuls of foam around the plate. Place a small sprig of dill sticking out of each bit of foam.
Here’s the second and spectacular dish we prepared.
Hen’s Nest of Tea-stained Egg, Leek Bhaji Nest and Chana Masala Purée

For the egg Ingredients: 4 eggs, 1tspn chai tea, 240ml water, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1 thread of saffron. Cook the eggs in rapidly boiling water for 4 minutes (use the stopwatch on your i-Phone, as Tim did), place in a bowl of iced water. Boil fresh water and combine with the tea, soy sauce and saffron. Marinate the shelled eggs in the liquid for 24 hours (ours came prepared).
For the leek bhaji nest Ingredients: 2 leeks, 30g plain flour, 1 tspn garam masala, 1/2 tspn chilli powder, 1g cumin seeds,  small bunches of fresh coriander, cress, pea shoots, salt and a lime. Cut the leeks into 2 inch chunks, then slice into a fine julienne with the grain so that you get blades of grass that will make the shape of the nest. Combine the garam masala, chilli and plain flour into a large bowl and dredge the leeks through, shaking off any excess. Fry the coated leeks in oil (rapeseed is best) at 180C until golden brown and crispy. Drain on kitchen towel and season with the salt.

For the purée Ingredients: Vegetable oil, 1 onion, 1 clove of garlic, 1 tspn ground coriander, 1 tspn cumin seeds, 1/2 tspn chilli pwder, 1 thread of saffron, 200g tinned tomatoes in juice, 150ml water, 250g cooked chickpeas, 6g tamarind paste, 1/2 tspn paprika, 1g garam masala, 1/2 tspn salt, 1tspn Tabasco sauce, 50g butter, 1 tspn peaty whisky. Chop the onions and garlic and saute in the vegetable oil along with the coriander, cumin and chilli until soft. Add the tomatoes, water, saffron, chickpeas, tamarind paste and the rest of the spices and cook until the liquid has reduced to a paste. Add the butter and whisky and blend to a smooth paste.
To serve Spoon a dollop of the purée on the plate and with a pastry brush, sweep a diagonal line of purée across to the rim of the plate. Spoon some more purée on the plate in the center, arrange the leek bhaji straws in a nest shape on which to place the half opened tea-stained egg.  Garnish with finely chopped coriander. You could also pickle this dish overnight in the fridge to give it some extra bite.Again, it’s so easy to make. Frying the chopped leeks to create the twigs for the nest is pure genius and any old egg in the fridge soaked in tea can look like a fluorescent Fabergé. The bird theme presentation, with a playful splat of purée, is fun.

Not only have we had a smile on our face, it was a brighter one with the Oral-B Pro-Expert All-Around antibacterial and fluoride toothpaste. Get a free sample from their site and follow them on twitter @OralB_UK
Here’s the dental bit: Pro-Expert has taken decades to develop and only just been made available in the UK.  It’s‘teflon for teeth’ – it coats the teeth before and helps after staining foods and drinks. The biggest challenge in oral healthcare as we live longer is enamel erosion not cavities. We also have to be careful of plaque, gum problems, sensitivity, caries, staining and tartar. In fact anything too acidic will rot the teeth so cola, for example, has the worst effect on teeth with its pH of only 2.5 (The pH value of battery acid is 1 and water is 7).  So if you are going to be eating and drinking damaging foods make sure you rinse with a glass of water immediately after and then brushing later. Even some mouthwash is too strong to use regularly, although it’s a good idea for bad breath, but for regular use the Oral-B Anti-Plaque Alcohol-Free Mouth Rinse is recommended. £3.49 for 75ml from Boots, supermarkets and other retailers.'

Monday, 30 January 2012

BOOM! Big explosions with Viktor and Rolf for Spicebomb!

A new male fragrance which had us all a tweeting like mad this week launched itself onto some 40 bloggers in a car park in W1. Yes you heard right, a car park.

We were all lulled into a false sense of security over champagne at The Charlotte Street Hotel (very nice too) but were then marched round the corner by men in black to an undercover car park complete with large industrial and cranky lift and no heating.

Thank goodness we were forwarned about wrapping up. Huddled in the dark in front of a large screen we waited... and then there was a large explosion and the air was filled with tiny pieces of metallic confetti and the scent of Viktor & Rolf's new fragrance, Spicebomb.

This was not ordinary way to spend a Wednesday night but I am happy to have more of these please!
What a way to launch a fragrance, the male counterpart to Flowerbomb which I do wear as a daytime staple. The evening continued with plum cocktails with bits of floating gold was it? I'm pretty sure it was but after the third glass it all went a bit hazy. I do remember that even some of the canapes had hidden popping candy. Anyway enough of the treats and what about the fragrance? Well, and it wasn't just the alcohol talking, everyone loved it! It's the right balance of ingredients and is quite irresistable...

The bottle is definitely made for boys although the fragrance will be worn by everyone I'm sure.

I can't describe it better than they do themselves so here you go -

Spicebomb is born of the incendiary encounter between two accords with virtually opposing tones: the first is irresistibly addictive, blending a heart of incandescent spices – chilli and saffron – with the all-masculine roundness of leather and tobacco, along with the distinguished brute strength of vetiver. The second is explosive, fusing fresh zesty notes of bergamot and grapefruit, while cold spices – elemi and pink pepper –leave the mark of their icy bite.
Spicebomb is a burst of spices tamed by an enveloping freshness, a controlled surge of power.

So now you know. On sale at Harrods now and nationwide from March 7th 2012 Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf is £45 for 50ml and £60 for 90ml.
Photos by Karen Hatch.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Presents for Sixty Year Olds - what do you get?

My neighbour has just turned sixty and is having a big party to celebrate. Sixty year olds of a previous generation were definitely OLD, now again just like forty is the new thirty, sixty is definitely the new fifty and that is certainly the case with my neighbour. He does the gym, works from a home office at the bottom of the garden, has a history in the music industry and still has his finger firmly on the pulse, which is not weak but vibrant and strong. He also is a bugger to buy for. Not only is he my sixty year old neighbour but he's a man and they are always difficult anyway. If he wants a boy's toy he'll go and buy himself one. I wouldn't want to choose clothes for him - way too personal. And a bottle of champagne? Nice though it is it's a bit lacking in thought really.
So I was fascinated to read about how the brains behind Tyrells crisps, one William Chase, decided to go into vodka production as he had too many potatoes on his hands. Chase Vodka quickly went on to win the Best Vodka in the World award in 2010 at the San Fransisco Spirits Awards - an amazing success that needs to be celebrated more in the UK I reckon.

According to a feature in The Guardian he had no distilling experience but decided to aim for the connoisseur market and invested 3 million in a distillery. The potatoes have a slight natural sweetness so the vodka has a distinctive flavour. 'The reason other people stopped making vodka out of potatoes is because you need so many spuds.' Chase tells The Guardian, 'The first time we made vodka we had an artic-load of spuds and there was only a few litres.' 'You can get a bit more of a yield out of wheat but with potatoes it has a natural sweetness to the product and the consistency of a fine wine.'
He now produces 1,000 bottles a week and it's loved by Americans but understandably less so by the Poles and Russians!
Now I felt I was on to something in terms of a gift idea for the 'man who has everything' so popped into John Lewis who I knew stocked a limited supply of the brand. I had read somewhere that they had produced a very limited batch of Marmalade Vodka so was amazed to see an unlimited supply on the shelves next to the original brand. This is the original limited to 1000 bottles label...

Photo - thestyleking.com
And this is what you can now buy in John Lewis, Waitrose and from their website.

 They make this by 'marinading our Chase Vodka with the finest Seville Orange Marmalade and then infusing it in our Alambic Copper Pot still to create this totally unique marmalade experience.' Wow - the perfect gift for a sixty year old, a limited edition vodka with a twist! They suggest he tries it neat, chilled or use it to make a Breakfast Martini - problem sorted!

Friday, 27 January 2012

The Detox Kitchen - day five!

Nearly through to the end and I'm actually, and if I'm honest, starting to feel that it has had effect. I have spent the beginning of the week feeling bloated and the bloat has now gone, so my stomach is a bit flatter and I feel, well, lighter somehow. I don't think I've lost much (if any) weight but I do feel that this has kick started my metabolism after Christmas and I can now move on to do so...
So last day and what did we have...

Breakfast was a watermelon and raspberry juice with a pot of sunflower seeds. I am not sure about a juice for breakfast I must say as I was hungry and chomping my way through my snack of carrot and celery with hummus by half ten, so it was a bit of a long way until lunch. Thank goodness for the herbal teas!

Lunch was a chicken breast with pesto brown rice and pearl barley which was filling and made up for breakfast and my afternoon snack was a bit of a strange concoction of butter bean mash with mint and corriander. Tasted okay but would have liked some more veg to go with it really.

My last supper was a delicious butternut squash curry with quinoa followed by Canteloupe melon with blueberries.

It's over. I will miss the bags outside my door every morning and the fact that I haven't had to think about what I am eating. I have made a few minor transgresions I will admit, I have always been a bit of a rule breaker. But they were only minor and not major mortal sins and have kept me going through to the end. I feel less sluggish and set for a more weight loss regime. If you want to detox without thinking about it then give The Detox Kitchen a go.

The Detox Kitchen Day One
The Detox Kitchen Day Two
The Detox Kitchen Day Three
The Detox Kitchen Day Four

The Detox Kitchen - day four

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster trying to stick to The Detox Kitchen regime as the evening found me at two events both with champagne and I am afraid I drew a line at sticking to water. So I retoxed, not badly but I did retox and do I feel bad for it? Do I heck! Today a grey dawn dawned and I promised to be better and back on track so my day started with a shot of beetroot juice, the ubiquitous tablets and a breakfast of porridge oats with blackberries and raspberries and almond milk.
My snack was a tub of cherry tomatoes with beetroot and apple juice which was really refreshing then lunch was meant to be a lightly steamed broccoli broth with ginger and garlic and a pot (a very small one I might add) of hazelnuts. This didn't happen as we don't have a microwave at work so I did break my fast and have a soup from Pret - I really am not a cold soup lover I'm afraid.

My afternoon snack was Edamame beans - oh I really do love these.

Supper was a smoked salmon fillet with sesame fried vegetables and puy lentils - this was great as I prefer salmon fillets smoked and I love puy lentils. I gently warmed it in the oven and it really was good.

And then the snack was grapes, raspberry coulis and flaxseed. I am still not taking the clay as I just can't but it feels good to be a bit more back on track.

One more day to go!

The Detox Kitchen Day One
The Detox Kitchen Day Two
The Detox Kitchen Day Three
The Detox Kitchen Day Five

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Detox Kitchen - third day

Well I am feeling bright and chipper and a little less bloated so something in this diet from The Detox Kitchen must be working. I have, however, failed in that I cannot drink clay last thing before going to bed and I am sure I would be seeing more benefits if I was to do so. But I just can't so I think we'll have to agree to disagree on that one. Call me a wimp, accuse me of copping out, but I will be sick and as a way of losing a bit of weight it really isn't great. So I will stick to the regime of pill-popping, tea-drinking and munching my way through the delicious daily food boxes thanks very much.
Breakfast - a shot of wheatgrass followed by a juice of blueberry, apple and kiwi with a pot of cashew nuts and dried mango. Now I must admit that after yesterday's delicious porridge this was a bit meagre, but I just imagined I was sitting on a veranda over-looking a bay in the Caribbean and it seemed to get me in the right mood for all this fruit.

The mid-morning snack was steamed broccoli with semsame and flaxseed which I must admit it's a really weird choice for a snack, but there you go. Then lunch was a delicious stir-fried Asian spiced prawns and vebgetables with brown rice.

The mid-afternoon snack was toasted pumpkin seeds then dinner was chick pea and quinoa salad with red cabbage slaw followed by strawberries and pistachio. This was the most disappointing meal to date - if I'm honest it lacked flavour and seasoning and I love chickpeas but they need to be whole not crushed as was the case. Never mind.

I must admit I'm a big of a snacker during the day and nothing has lived up to the vegetables and houmous of the first day but I am very proud that I have avoided the Krispy Kreme's which were delivered to the office this week and have been malevolently staring at me from their box by the kettle...

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Detox Kitchen - day two

The Detox Kitchen day two and I haven't cracked yet!

So I woke up this morning and I must admit I wasn't hungry (which I was fearing) and my stomach felt a bit flatter. I have, since Christmas indulgencies really, been feeling bloated and sluggish and I can definitely feel, even after just one day, things are beginning to take effect.

Today's bag contained the usual tablets and potions - the supplements are a Biocare Adult Mulitvitamin & Mineral tablet, 2 linseed oil 500 capsules which contain omega 3 fatty acids, 1 Biocare Bio Acidophilus which is a probiotic full of 'good' bacteria.

I must confess I couldn't face taking the Bentonite Clay last night, this aids internal cleansing and detoxing, but I just couldn't face it. Today's resolution is to take it and not make a fuss.

Breakfast was a shot of beetroot juice, the tablets and a porridge oats with agave raspberry and apple compote and almond milk which was filling.

Today's snack was carrot, celery and apple juice and lunch (which was my favourite one to date) was roasted root vegetable tagine with almond and pearl barley - which was stuffed full of crisp sweet potato and quite delicious.

Dinner was very filling but healthy, chicken with a smoked aubergine and puy lentil bake with rocket and a snack of kiwi with mint and blueberries. I feel healthier just typing this...

The Detox Kitchen Day One
The Detox Kitchen Day Three
The Detox Kitchen Day Five
The Detox Kitchen Day Four

Monday, 23 January 2012

The Detox Kitchen - a week of detox

I am doing a detox this week for a brand new diet delivery company in London called The Detox Kitchen. They deliver outside your front door early in the morning so you will have stuff for breakfast onwards and everything is balanced in terms of nutritents - they even supply you with some tablets and Pukka teas to keep things balanced and healthy. I will be blogging how I get on throughout the week - though how I'm going to live without coffee I do not know!

Each detox box that is delivered daily for 5 days contains
  • Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and pudding/snack
  • Detoxing herbal teabags
  • One little tub of psyllium husk (we are huge fans of this wonder powder!)
  • One little tub of detoxifying bentonite clay
  • A Biocare supplement program
  • A 'shot of the day' - wheatgrass, beetroot juice, aloe vera and many more

You have to follow the sequence of breakfast, lunch and dinner and before breakfast I mixed Psyllium Husk with juice. This acts as a broom for the colon (nice!) and gets things moving as it were. I also have Bentonite Clay for bedtime for internal cleansing and detox. Yum.

For breakfast I had a beetroot, celery and apple juice with a little pot of brazil nuts - surprisingly tasty.
My mid-morning snack was humous and raw veg...
Then lunch was a delicious Quinoa and carrot, pepper salad with a dressing of coriander, soy and ginger vinaigrette.

My mid afternoon snack was a pot of Edamame beans which I love then I had to survive on a detox tea and lots of water until supper.

This was a Sri Lankan vegetable and prawn curry with lime pickle and saffron brown rice - it made a nice change to have some hot food. I was also sent a baked apple with cinnamon and nutmeg and a trace of a raspberry coulis - very nice indeed. Welcome little touch was a little pot of fresh mint leaves for making a mid-evening drink, these guys try to think of everything.

Will let you know how I feel tomorrow and what's on the menu!

The Detox Kitchen Day Two
The Detox Kitchen Day Three
The Detox Kitchen Day Four
The Detox Kitchen Day Five

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Rice homeware - bright and colourful for the home

I love Rice - the Danish home ware and accessories company that is! They really brighten things up in the home and have some great accessories too. They were founded in 1998 and have just opened a shop in Neal's Yard, Covent Garden. Sadly you can't buy directly from the Rice website, but there are lots of links to where you can buy. They have strong social ethics - helping small communities from poor countries around the world by buying produce at a fair price - and above all their products are fun and sunny and make me, for one, smile.

The Shop in Neal's Yard, Covent Garden

Friday, 20 January 2012

How to make a birthday card...

A friend of mine turned 50 this weekend and instead of presents she wanted everyone to make her a home-made card. Nice idea but she is an artist so it was a bit daunting...

I decided to produce something that was an homage to the current David Hockney exhibition where he used the Brush app. on the ipad (and it avoided me having to be too creative). I created a simple 'painting' and printed it out....

I then created a still-life using newspaper type cut out and stuck down, a cup-cake, candle and the small card, which I then photographed with my ipad. This I printed out onto photographic paper - I was really rather pleased with the result and will be doing more!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sylwia Calus resin jewellery - top of my list!

Anyone have a resin kit when they were a kid? I did and I think the most impressive thing I did with it was put a dried seahorse into a pendant shape and gave it to my mum – don’t remember her wearing it ever!
Now this is a whole new world of resin. Sylwia Calus is a Polish designer based in Warsaw. She’s been making jewellery for four years and mainly works with silver and polyester resin. She is available in the UK through Etsy and prices are in the £40 - £55 price range. I want all of them.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Beehive London W1

Just five minutes walk from Baker Street Station and on Crawford Street, The Beehive is a small pub that serves great food and seems to have a buzz (sorry couldn't resist that) that will make it a regular haunt.

I went on a Friday night and as there were 9 of us we had booked a table - I get the impression that it is busy at weekends so is worth booking. Clientelle were young professionals out after work and serving staff were efficient. The menu is wide enough and you can opt for a full three courses. We decided on just the one - I went for a homemade burger. To be honest I have found that a burger is a great measure of a place - if they can do a good burger made with good quality mince beef then they get a large tick. My burger was good and served with a fried egg on top and an extemely light and fluffy white bun. Accompanying chips were golden and chunky.

Here is their current menu.

Bar Bites
Salted Roasted Peanuts £1.10
Olives £2.90
*(V) Humous & Pita bread £5.90
(V) Meze platter £8.90
Potato & chorizo £6.60
Grilled prawns & chilli oil £6.90
(V) Soup of the day £4.90
(V) Grilled halloumi bruschetta £5.90
(V) Warm Goat’s cheese & beetroot salad £5.90
Grilled squid in a fresh tomato salsa £6.90
Confit pork belly & wild mushrooms £5.90
Fish cakes with dill hollandaise £6.90
10oz (280g) Aberdeen sirloin steak with Beefeater chips & béarnaise sauce £17.90
Roast lamb with parsnip puree, carrots, chestnuts & brussel sprouts £14.90
Stuffed Turkey breast with roast potatoes, chestnuts & brussel sprouts £14.90
Fish of the day with beetroot risotto & curly Kale £13.90
Free range chicken supreme with garlic mash, mange tout & wild mushroom £13.90
*Franconion Sausages & Mash with onion gravy £11.90
*Perth Beef burger with pancetta, cheddar cheese & fried egg with fries £10.90
* Haddock & chips served with salad & tartare sauce £10.90
*Aberdeen Steak sandwich & fries £9.90
(V) Wild mushroom risotto with poached egg £9.90
(V) Pasta of the day £9.90
Free range chicken, pancetta and cheddar cheese sandwich with fries £9.90
*(V) Organic Caesar Salad (chicken add a supp. of £2.10) £6.90

The Beehive,

Monday, 16 January 2012

Sherlock Holmes Shocker!

Who hasn't been glued to the TV for the last three Sunday nights in awe at the BBC's Sherlock Holmes? And what a shocking ending! It had us all scratching our heads here in the same way we do when we watch Dynamo do his stuff (I can't work his tricks out either).

Beautifully shot, fantastic performances from the entire cast (no one-man show this) and in my humble opinion a better take on the spirit of the books than the recent Hollywood offerings - though I like those too.

Benedict Cumberbatch goes straight up to the top of my list of favourite Sherlock Holmes actors.

Next of course comes the gorgeous Robert Downey Jnr. - I will even forgive him the license they took with the script - no-one would ever have shouted 'Nut him!' in a Sherlock Holmes story!

My first encounter as a child sent chills down my spine - it was The Hound of the Baskervilles starring the king of British horror Peter Cushing as the intrepid detective. This 1959 film was way before I was born I should add!

And don't forget Rupert Everett in Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Silk Stocking in 2004 - the undercurrent of sexual tension between Holmes and Watson simmered just below the surface in this version.

Who next I wonder - there certainly are a few acts to follow. And how the devil did Holmes survive that fall alive? Hope they don't keep us hanging on for an answer to that one for too long...

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Rosalind's Kitchen - healthy, fresh lunches in W1

If you work near Oxford Circus (like I do) or go into the West End for shopping trips, then pay a visit for a lunchtime (or breakfast) treat to Rosalind’s Kitchen in Little Portland Street.
The food is fresh and healthy – they want you to feel the benefit avoiding the 3pm sugar slump, and will even deliver to your desk. Everything is cooked fresh every day and all the meat, dairy, eggs, flour and root vegetable are organic. There are main dishes like baked chicken with a rosemary and lemon crust, or salad boxes – and the salads really are to be recommended.

Rosalind’s Kitchen is at 12 Little Portland Street, London W1W 8BJ and is open from 7.30am until 4pm. 

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Back to the future - old friends reunited

I had a very strange experience this weekend. It was a bit frightening but also really rather reassuring. I met up with a group of people who I haven't seen for many, many years. Children, divorces, careers... Life in general had overtaken all of us but the bizarre and reassuring thing was that within minutes the nine of us were chatting away as if the passage of decades had actually only been months.
We were a group that hung around together, mainly underaged and in pubs, in our late teens. A few of us had stayed in contact but in the majority this wasn't the case. We were older, fatter, but no less enthusiastic as a group. We laughed, drank way too much (well I did anyway)and rediscovered that a common background is often all you need to reconnect quickly and easily.
Here we were aged 18.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sprouted Kitchen - food blog to water mouths

I spend my life looking at food blogs (along with fashion, beauty, culture etc etc of course) but it is not often that I am blown away by the beauty of a blog. Sprouted Kitchen had me calling people over to look over my shoulder at my computer because it is just so, well, beautiful.
The author is a 'veggie fiend' who is obviously as excited about food as I am. She sets out 'to make food taste good by using healthy ingredients: whole grains, unsaturated fats, natural sugar alternatives and the like.' She promotes eating local, organic where possible and doesn't really use measurements, preferring to go by taste and personal preference.
Her partner Hugh is a wonderful photographer which makes this blog worthy of a glossy colour book to my mind. Here are some pictures from Sprouted Kitchen by Hugh to whet your appetite. Visit it now for inspiration!

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