Friday, 16 December 2011

Stowells Light saves you calories and alcohol (and tastes good too).

It's a scary thought but the average woman will eat around 4,000 calories on Christmas Day alone. Add to that all the office parties, informal pre-Christmas drinks with friends, family gatherings between Christmas and New Year and the fact that we all have bowls of chocolates and nibbles in the house and it's easy to see why the pounds will creep on.

Alcohol is one of the easiest ways of piling on pounds - and one of the most enjoyable. Let's face it even the most difficult of family get together's all mellow once everyone has had a glass of wine. Now I'm not advocating binge drinking at the office party, or being slightly too mellow to cook the turkey, but the fact is we all drink more than we normally would over the festive period as it is as part of Christmas as decorated trees and Christmas crackers (well it is in our house anyway). And because of the calories in alcohol it all goes to contribute to your calorie intake.

Now those clever people at Stowells have come up with a new addition to the 'lighter' wines on offer and you really won't be disappointed. Stowells have been wine merchants for over 130 years so know what people like when it comes to drinking wine. So they've been very careful to ensure that losing calories and alcohol doesn't mean losing quality or taste. 

The Stowells Light Shiraz Rose version  is soft pink, and you can really taste the flavours of raspberry, cherry and strawberry coming through. It isn't overly sweet and still has a dry edge to it. Personally I think it would be the perfect accompaniment to mince pies or as a pre-lunch drink. I love rose with ice so will be drinking it in the summer too....

The Stowells Light White wine is a blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc (my two favourite white wines if I'm honest) and is balanced with again a touch of sweetness. You really can taste the melon, pear and apricot undertones in this wine and will be perfect for serving throughout the festive period. 

So what does it mean in terms of calories and alcohol content? The great news is that each glass is just 60 calories (now that's a small glass ladies, sorry) which makes it 30 per cent less calorific than your average glass of wine. There is less than one unit of alcohol per 125ml as it is just 5.5 per cent proof, compare that with my normal wine which is around 13 per cent! All this means this wine is not just for Christmas - I will be serving it throughout the year from girlie get together's to family barbecues in the garden.

Stowells Light is available from all ASDA stores nationwide for RRP £5.49. 

Please don't spoil your Christmas or anyone else's by drinking sensibly and being aware of how much you are drinking even if it is lower alcohol wine.

This is a sponsored post but I tested the wine (yes thoroughly I might add) and thought it made a refreshing and flavoursome change!

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