Sunday, 18 December 2011 - modern British craft

Once upon a time I was an art student with a passion for textiles and even now I can't resist hand-made products that have that folk-art feel. I have recently discovered which showcases the best of British craft. If the word craft immediately puts you in mind of crocheted 'lady' toilet-roll holders and lace mats then think again - these are about as far removed from that as you can get.

Loving this jewellery with an angel (£16) that will last way beyond Christmas.

And this i-pad sleeve in soft leather for £50.

Cup-cakes come as candle-holders for £13.

As you can see this is far from the usual crafty items but are made in the UK with the most remote supplier being Alison Moore Designs in the Orkney Islands. Buy British and support local crafts people!

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